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Hey friends.
Due to various reasons—mental stuff plus Patreon being more anti-kink—I'm not posting here anymore. 
I'm still writing; you can keep up with me on the same other sites as before.

30 Jun 2019

I write stories.  

Adult, gay, furry stories with a smörgåsbord of fetishes from tame to ... niche.  

Some common themes are transformation, scat and watersports, mind control, hypertrophy, inflation, diapers, and vore.  My characters tend to be on the chubby and bearish side.  I may also have a thing for blushing.

Why do I want your support? 
Well, this is not exactly the kind of work I expect to bring in big money through the usual channels.

Any remuneration I can get for the time I put into entertaining you all will go a long way to making it all feel worth it.



Q: Why's your stuff patron-only?  

A: Most posts here are patron-only because of how Patreon handles adult work.  Don't think of it as a paywall — all my stories are free, and you can find them if you're logged in to  Fur Affinity or SoFurry with adult content visible.  If you don't follow furry sites, my stories are now also being posted to Tumblr and /r/Muskwalker.

Q: Uh, I only like some of your stuff...

A: I'll still appreciate all the support I can get, boss. If you only like 25% of my stories, feel totally free to only pledge 25% of what you think they're worth.  It should even out in the end, yeah?  If you don't want to commit to a pledge,  Ko-Fi is another option to send support.

Q: I'm a bit shy about being seen supporting this kind of thing...

A: You can make an account with a username that others won't recognize.  

Q: If I'm paying by the story, what happens if you start posting like fifty stories a month?

A: Patreon has a feature where you can set a monthly cap so I don't accidentally break your budget if a lot of things happen to get done at once.  I fully encourage you to use this.  (Hint: if you really want to emulate a monthly pledge, you can tell Patreon to only support me once a month.)  

Q: Well, um, I'm really poor...

A: Even $1 a month is helpful and appreciated, but if things really are that tight for you, I understand.  If you want to give sometimes, but not regularly enough to make a monthly pledge,  Ko-Fi is another option to send support.

Q: omg patreon i dont get it 

A: Art either happens by commissions or by patronage.  

With commissions, you pay the artist because you like how they do things and you want them to do things you want.  

With patronage, you pay the artist because you like how they do things and you want them to do things they want.  

Totally free art no one paid for is basically an artist being their own patron, supporting themselves off their day job.  I don't want to keep grinding in an office.  If you like my stories, I'd much appreciate your help getting me out of the 9-to-5!
$23 of $30 per short story
I'll commit to writing three stories a month.
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