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About musl libc project

musl libc his already an active project, with mainline releases occurring every one to two months, continual improvements to follow the latest standards, simplify, and enhance performance, and a growing community of users and developers doing exciting stuff on and with musl.

Funding the project will make it possible to sustain and increase the development time and focus spent on musl and fulfill the goals laid out in our development roadmap, including:
  • Improved source-level compatibility with applications
  • Improved binary compatibility with glibc-linked shared library files and applications
  • Optimizations for more cpu architectures, especially ARM
  • Additional security hardening features to limit the impact of important classes of application bugs
  • Better multilingual text and localization support
  • Quicker review and merging of patches and feature requests

In addition, your contributions support efforts in the following areas:
  • Outreach and support for porting musl to new targets
  • Coordinating with standards bodies to improve both the standards and musl's conformance to them
  • Coordinating with the glibc team so that knowledge gained through musl development leads to improvements in glibc that benefit the majority of Linux users not running musl-based systems.
$430.07 of $500 per month
Due in part to financial strain, musl releases cycles have been slower than they used to. At this level of support, I'll make a commitment to package a release at least every 3 months.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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