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Wanna see what it looks like to be a badass frugal blogger?

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I won't only post sunrise photos, I swear! (remember winter in Switzerland, you'll also have access to 5am dark pictures of my Mac :P)

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Do you remember this inspiring video you watched on a Sunday evening, and that continued to resonate with you months afterwards?

I love such life-changing videos. They had a tremendous impact on my daily life since years.

With this tier, you'll get exclusive access to them. My target is to publish one every week (warning: I don't want to shoot videos by obligation so it may be that there are some weeks without any, until I stumble upon the next one).

PS: the price of this tier is symbolic to me (being a Mustachian) as it's roughly what you pay in Romandie for a coffee. So if you happened to meet me in real life once, would you offer me a coffee because I changed your (financial) life? You're the only one to know the answer!

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Waaahhh! Be sure you'll have my life-gratitude. Really, if my writing means that much to you, then I'm the most happy blogger on Earth!

PS: that's the max tier I authorize on Patreon for readers on their way to Financial Independence — I don't want to be responsible for a bigger hole in your YNAB budget!

In case you're already retired with way more cash than you need, feel free to add some more bucks, I promise I won't blame you ;)




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About Mustachian Post

You wonder who I am, and why I create a Patreon account?
Look no further, everything is explained below.

My situation
My name is MP and I started the "Mustachian Post" blog in 2014 to share my journey towards reaching financial independence/early retirement by 40 years old in Switzerland. My goal is to inspire my readers to pursue this dream of (financial) freedom too.
Two years later, I launched the first forum for the Mustachian community in Switzerland.

After a difficult start, I took writing lessons and read various books to optimize the time I had available in parallel to my 9-5 job. In reality, it means that I get up at 5:00am every morning to have at least one article published every week, and that I spend hours on evenings and weekends to answer every single comment and email I receive from my readers (I love this!).

Today tens of thousands of readers come to the blog and forum every year to start or strengthen their frugal side, in order to achieve financial freedom. It's very rewarding, but it's also becoming more and more time-consuming.

I hate advertisements. My blog and the forum too!
I feel more and more limited in terms of the time that I can allocate to writing qualitative articles resulting from in-depth research.

I often dream of being able to live from my blog which is a real passion, and spend hours per day on writing.
I soon realized that it wasn't something that'd happen overnight. What's more, I don't want to have flashing ads everywhere on my site... And even less sponsored articles that make you lose all authenticity.

Hence the idea of creating a Patreon account that I hope will allow me to spend more time on writing than just a few hours a week.

What am I gonna do with Patreon's money
As for the blog, I like things to be said in a transparent way.

Here are my two main Patreon goals:
  • Hosting (30$/month). With the growing MP community, spendings went from a few dozen francs per year to several hundred. I want to continue to offer you this fast and robust blog infrastructure experience. Idem for the forum and its backups — I can't imagine the drama if everything was lost, with all the value the community has created for two years already.
  • My time (2'000$/month). I want to decrease my working time to 80%, in order to focus more on writing (I have so many blog post ideas) and in-depth research and exploration.
  • Bonus - German translation (I keep this one as a reserve). My readers love having the content available in two languages. But when I see the proportion of Swiss Germans in our beautiful country, I find it a shame not to be able to share my experience with them. It could change even more lives. This project is really close to my heart.

That is the status to date. All this would allow me to raise the level of quality even further and ensure its long-term sustainability.
$14 of $30 per month
When I reach 30$ per month, the hosting part for both the blog and the forum will be secured. This way we can keep the quickness with which pages load, as well as backups of all the content that was created since 2014.
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