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Awwww, you just want to donate? Thank you so much for your support!

It really means a lot! I hope you have fun checking out my traits & playing with my sims. Stay safe!

Muvateer ♥

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Thank you much for showing out & showing support! I really appreciate you for believing in me.

I'll be making two traits a month which you can download & enjoy at early access. Thanks again because this really means a lot to me. You don't even know.
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OG Muvateer ♥

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Thank you much for showing out & showing support! I really appreciate you for believing in me.

I'll be making two traits a month which you can download & enjoy with early access. You will also get early access to SURPRISE recolors! Since I will be taking requests from this tier every now and then, requested traits are exclusive to OG & Platinum Muvateer's until they are released to the public on a TBA basis. Thanks again!
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About MuvaSimmer

My name is Joyce but please, call me Muva or Jae. I'm 20+ & overly obsessed with The Sims. You'll find that I am a lovable and overly emotional Libra that chooses to live out her emotions in game.. YOU'RE WELCOME. (LOL)

I started playing the sims when I was in middle school (I think) with The Sims 2. Had to back track to TS1 and have been playing each generation ever since. Finding CC & Mods for this game changed my entire outlook on it. Instead of it just being something for kids, I was actually able to let my game mature with me.

Finding all of these new creations and talented people, I actually wanted to start making my own. As of now, traits have been the easiest thing for me and I hope in the future... I can make a ton of more shit. Excuse my French. LOL

Reason for making traits: In playing the sims as an adult, I noticed a lot of what I wanted in my game play was missing (buff wise). Of course there are other creators out there that make amazingly interesting traits too but to be frank, I need some more ratchet stuff in my game. 

I started my Patreon in hopes of sharing the traits & sims that I create for myself. Since starting, I have moved on to making careers as well and I couldn't be happier! Now, I'll be even more excited to share sims, traits, careers once I relearn promotions and even social interactions.

So I wanted to share the craziness that I enjoy as well. I hope you guys can get some good laughs and story lines out of this! Of course, I appreciate any and all support. Thanks in advance you amazing fxcking creature you! XD


  1. Do you take requests?
Not just yet. Sorry! Don't fret. Once I get situated, I do plan on taking request from my OG & Platinum Muvateer tier patrons. I'll keep you guys posted.

All sims will be FREE with the option to subscribe to my Patreon. Please know that these sims WILL NOT include clothing. Only slides, presets and necessary skin details. CC included will be post release from any CC creator to ensure their profit or subscribers are not affected. This is NOT my intention.

I hope this message will reassure all CC creators that I respect them and do no wish to block any of their hard work behind a pay wall. I truly just wish to find a way to share my creations & sims with the world.

With Unconditional Love,


100% complete
Recently, I've made the decision to invest myself 100% in making my Urban Social Interaction mod along with monthly traits & treats in between for supporters. This goal will allow me to work full-time and hopefully expand my team in the near future. Besides, my Grandfather always said, "When you believe in yourself, all things are possible. Whether with one person or an army. Always bet on yourself." & I am. ♥
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