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Hello. So glad to see you well.

If you’re here, then odds are, you’re well familiar with our music and entertainment magazine, Since 2001 we have dedicated ourselves fully to trying to bring to you the best reviews and criticism, the most informative news, and the most comprehensive features and information. When we began, entertainment journalism was an environment of extreme snark and cynicism. We found it to be mean spirited and close-minded, an unfitting representation of what the vast majority of music fans actually listened to. We chose to believe in you, and the music that really mattered to you. Our aim from the onset was to endeavor to bring you richer context, more insightful examination and an open-minded approach to content. We created mxdwn so we could focus on the best of all genres, regardless of popularity.

While for many years we focused entirely on music, in 2012 we expanded our efforts into movies, games and television-related content. Since then, we’ve applied that same diverse, unremitting approach to fair-and-balanced coverage to those areas to great affect. has grown from the home of “all that matters in music,” to truly “all that matters in entertainment” as a whole. Yes, the worlds of Daft Punk, Jack White and Faith No More now comingle with those of Uncharted, The Walking Dead, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Nintendo, Game of Thrones, the Oscars and much, much more. You can call it geek culture combined or ultra fandom, but to us it is just servicing all that you love in pop culture and counter culture.

And since we began in 2001, we did it all under the business model referred to as the “gift economy.” Yes, everything that mxdwn has ever been, has been free to all. It will remain that way for as long as it exists. We will continue to provide mxdwn and its content to anyone who wants it, but the ad-supported world of online magazines simply does not cut it. The revenue generated from ad sales and ad networks does not come close to the sales print magazines of yesteryear could expect.

This is where you come in.

We want to do more. While our efforts are elaborate as is, we want to do more. First, we want to shore up expenses to keep our operation running with regularity. Then, we want to better compensate our vast network of contributors. If we can push past that, we’d like to expand our efforts into more detailed investigative reporting and eventually long-form features and video content.

If you’ve ever enjoyed what we’ve done, or relied upon our regular coverage and information, please consider participating in our Patreon here. Help us do more for you.

For anyone that signs up, we have numerous tiers offered here, but we’re most proud to unveil a program we’re calling mxdwn ADS FREE in the $5 tier. Subscribers for this tier and all tiers above it in price will receive a special login for mxdwn that will hide all banner and display advertisements. So, if you can, join us here. As we progress we’ll add more tiers and work to find more ways to interact with you, the reader, to try to make mxdwn just a little more every single day all that matters to you in entertainment.

And even if not, thanks for your time, interest and attention. It’s our pleasure to give you more of what you’re really interested in.

Raymond Flotat
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We're off and running! - Phase 1 will shore up expenses and server costs. Things get awesome as we head to phase 2......
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