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♡ Access to my Patreon only feed where I will post updates, exclusive videos, photos and more.
♡ My heartfelt thanks. Every bit of support really does help me.
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♡ Everything that is included in the previous tiers.
♡ Followed back on any social media account that you link me to.
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♡ Everything that is included in the previous tiers.
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Hello there!

My name is Eleanor but you may know me better as mxrshmallowqueen. I’m a 23 year old, British girl with an internet obsession. I’m a blogger, youtuber, twitch streamer, tweeter, instagramer, and pinterest pinner. I have other social media profiles too but I would be here forever if I listed them all.

The majority of my time goes into my blog, youtube channel and twitch streams. My main aim with them is to spread positivity and make everyone smile a little extra.

<h5>Why I Decided To Create A Patreon</h5>For me, Patreon is a way for me to connect with readers, watchers and followers while making myself a little extra money to keep me going through life. 

I am in a position where I am not able to make much money. This means that if I can make any through my blog, youtube channel, twitch streams or social media then I would be over the moon. Making money from doing something that I love would be absolutely perfect.

Earning will go towards:
♡ Paying my bills.
♡ Improving my equipment, such as cameras and streaming games.
♡ Looking after myself and others.

<h5>Reminder</h5>Don't worry if you aren't able to support me financially. Your support with just a follow on social media or a subscribe on my channels is just as important! 

Your support means the world to me. Thank you!
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When I reach 10 supporters, I will start uploading at least two videos a week on my YouTube channel and at least twice a week on my blog..
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