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A humble goblin farmer who I secretly admire

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while you might be simple your love and compassion for your children is priceless and I admire that


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a piece of my soul forever....

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you have tamed the seven seas and now have become one with them. your life has never been better... or at least as wet and fishy

you get all previous rewards such as insta shoutout, 1 free sticker, ability to vote in monthly sticker poll, part of my heart, ability to breathe underwater, 

New rewards for joining include a sticker based on your sea-sona for joining

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my respect




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About MxWake art

Hey, I'm a single father of doodles and I need your help in funding my endeavors and helping me support my children (drawing/stickers/t-shirts) while using websites such as red bubble help I need some extra push to actually help fund some of my stuff.

by supporting me you can get special rewards too

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