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We're a small family that moved to Oregon in late 2016 and bought a house that happened to have 3 cats living under it even though we already had 5 cats of our own. Right away we could tell that this was a special cat family that needed our love and support because they've already been through so much. Instead of getting rid of these cats or chasing them away, we decided to create a YouTube channel in the hopes of getting support with their care and food through the monetization program. Through time we created additional channels and live streams to follow their movement when the cats aren't hanging at their favorite tiki bar. This can be costly to run, through crowd funding every donation enables us to continue our YouTube pages so that we can eventually provide vet care for all 3 of these lovely cats. We take great joy in caring for these animals and sharing their daily lives via our 24/7 YouTube livestreams so feel free to check those out as well as our main site
Thank you for visiting our page. We value patrons such as yourself. Have a great day. =<^.^>=
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When we reach 250 patrons, we'll have the ability to provide better daily care as well as vet visits for our cats. The oldest of the 3 had to be taken in when we first moved here and had his teeth pulled, an expense we definitely did not originally anticipate. However this completely saved his life and he's a much happier kitty now so it was worth it in the long run. Don't forget to check out our YouTube livestreams to see these gorgeous cats. Thank you.
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