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About Raz Shafer

Thank you for helping make the How to Run for Office Podcast possible! Our passion is sharing information that helps good people win GREAT victories. Without your help, that wouldn't be possible!

We want to always be creating more and more high quality FREE content to give away through our website and various channels. This takes a lot of time and investment on our part, but it's a way for us to help people all over the country, world even, magnify their impact. But it's impossible to do on our own...

That's where you come in! With your help and support, we're able to focus on creating the best tools available anywhere online. My wife likes Air Conditioning and I like to eat so we've got to pay the bills somehow, right?! You're part of the family and an integral part of helping us change how conservatives run campaigns. 

Our mission is to build better candidates: helping good people get elected and do great things. all of our supporters are helping make that mission successful. 

Whether you give $1 or $100, you're part of our family and help guarantee that we'll always be the leader of the pack!
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We want to help transform how candidates run for office and we think you do too. At $100 per month, we'll know that we're not alone and y'all want us to keep fighting forward!
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