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About Mycelium & Spore Huntsville

About Mycelium:

Mycelium is a 501(c)(3) non-profit formed mid-2018 with a mission to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy, and empower people to create their own goods using technology like robotics, AI, and 3D Printing.

As a result, we have a variety of projects and programs around this mission; from open source R&D projects aimed at producing hyper-local foods, tackling plastic waste in the environment, to building machines that automatically identify and sort waste to hosting classes and events on 3D Printing.

See our Projects Page to view all of our current and planned projects.

About Spore Huntsville:

Getting started with 3D Printing can be intimidating. So we formed this outreach program to ease that intimidation and provide free public resources on 3D Printing.
As part of our outreach, we host periodic classes and events around the Northern Alabama area on 3D Printing, to help encourage everyone to begin utilizing 3D Printing in their everyday lives.
Classes:We try to host classes twice a month at various public locations around the Huntsville area to encourage the use of 3D printing. Classes are generally held at one of the Huntsville Madison County Public Libraries.

We periodically host events as part of our mission to connect the community to local 3D Printing Resources. Whether it be inviting local businesses to show off what they do in 3D printing or recycling, or hosting competitions, races, and hackathons related to 3D printing and recycling; we bring people together through events in order to spread awareness about these technologies.
See our Events page for current events.

Free Resources:We’re creating a resource base of knowledge, built by experts within our organization, to provide a free public knowledge base outside of our scheduled classes. We’ve built a Wiki to share our knowledge, and a how-to database for tutorials.
SPORE is an initiative of the non-profit, Mycelium, to share knowledge and resources about 3D printing and recycling with the public.Mycelium is a public charity exempt from income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3). Mycelium develops and distributes machines that enable people to turn product ideas into reality; machines such as self-serve 3D printers, plastic recycling systems, mobile maker spaces and more. By distributing both the scientific resources to turn ideas into reality and the education for how to use those resources, Mycelium hopes to empower impoverished communities to begin producing locally.

For more information about who we are and how you can get involved, please visit
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