My Death Co.

is creating a webseries about an incompetent grim reaper.

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Welcome to My Death Co. - the first - and only - name in afterlife transition.

We're filmmakers, currently working on our passion project, "My Death Co." - a web series that follows a recently deceased man, Sam (Jon Huck), as he’s forced to work as a grim reaper in the afterlife. Sam has to learn to connect with and bring closure to those on the brink of death and, in doing so, finds meaning in his own (after)life. But we're not just here to make our web series. We're here to connect with other filmmakers. To offer up advice. To show how we do what we do and bring inspiration to others trying to do the same. 

With a sustainable channel, we'll have more resources behind us. We'll be able to create content on a shorter schedule, raise the quality of the content, and have more time to interact with our Patrons. Your financial contributions will not only go towards the creation of further episodes/seasons of "My Death Co.", but will be used to purchase improved equipment, hire more people for our team, and bring work to more actors and crew in the Los Angeles area. We'll also be releasing how-to videos, equipment reviews, other short videos, and even a podcast in the near future. 

We greatly appreciate all contributions, no matter the size. Even a dollar a month brings us closer to our vision of people all over the world connecting with Sam and his fellow Grim Reapers at "My Death Co.".

Once again, thanks!
The My Death Co. Team
Shawn and Ben
$2.49 of $500 per month
When we hit $500 a month, we'll start releasing a podcast about filmmaking! We'll walk you through our processes, talk about how we shoot high quality videos at a low cost, talk about equipment, and share fun stories from set. We might even do live reads of upcoming or scrapped episodes!
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