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About My DVC Points

My DVC Points is dedicated to serving DVC members.  Our content is created by DVC members, about DVC members and for the benefit of current and prospective DVC members.

We're take a respectful and positive disposition to discussing Disney Vacation Club.  We believe in honest, authentic and realistic views.  We all love Disney but when things aren't lining up with our expectations, we're still respectful towards DVC, Disney, Cast Members and our fellow neighbors.

What started out as $60 a month hobby has grown into project that costs over $1,000 a month to produce weekly podcasts and live shows as a free gift to the member community.  DVC Resale Market, DVC Rental Store, Monera Financial, Be Our Guest Vacations and Incredible Vacation Homes are sponsoring our show to offset a majority of these expenses.  Right now I have sponsors but realistically, how often does somebody buy a resale contract, finance a contract, or rent out their points?  The sponsors are paying above market rates for the service to promote the DVC community; however, it's still not enough to allow me to cover the expenses of outsourced editing.

The reality is that it costs over $250 an episode to produce a professional sounding podcast episode with extensive blog post for show notes, and create the supporting social media content.  We still rely on volunteers for posting shows on social media, pictures, coordinating shows, scheduling guests, etc.  Our sponsors are almost covering existing podcast expenses.

Our hard work is paying off. Our positive member community driven message is showing up higher and higher in Google and Podcast searches and our community continues to grow.

However, we're an awesome community of DVC Members and our message needs to get beyond the podcast and live shows.  We're working on websites for collective DVC wikipedia type information that is clear, accurate and easy to find.  We're building an app.  We're expanding into educational videos.  Right now, we're looking at over $150 to get a YouTube room tour video edited and $250 to get 10-12 minute informational video edited.

This is where the Patreon's support become critical.  Before a sponsor is willing to pay for a platform, they need to see that platform is successful at reaching potential customers.  However, our Patreon's see the value of our show and want to invest in new platforms.  Our Patreon's also want to see to it that our team of volunteers has some type of Disney related thank you for their service.  (I'd really like to be able to gift a Disney tour a hard ticket event party).

You may not have time to volunteer on the team but you can still join the team financially speaking as a monthly recurring Patreon sponsor.

As a $2 a month Popcorn Bucket Refiller, you'll get a new private podcast feed with the audio tracks of all the live shows and you'll get the unedited podcast version of the Patreon only live show.

At $5 a month, our Dole Whip club members get access to the Patreon VIP Producers Club on Facebook and the beta testers for our App (when the program is open).  We host a monthly live show just for the Patreon's where you can interact and chat with us in a more informal setting.  The show is only available in the Facebook group; however, the unedited audio track will be exported to Patreon.

$10 is our Snack Credit club.
$15 is our Quick Service Credit club.
$25 is our Table Service Credit club.
$50 is our Signature Dining Credits club.

Thank you for your support.

Chad and the My DVC Points Community
$221 of $600 per month
When we reach $600 a month in support, we will be able to outsource some of the editing and writing tasks and produce 4 podcasts a month plus 4 live shows.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
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