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About Myisha Haynes

Hello! I’m Myisha, a full-time games artist working on my first webcomic, The Substitutes, in my spare time. The Substitutes is completely free to read online, and currently updates every other Tuesday.

So, what is it?

The Substitutes is a comic about accidental adventure, identity, and derailing destiny.

When roommates Freddie, Emilio, and Bianca mistakenly acquire magical weapons, they also unwittingly inherit the responsibilities that go with it. Meant for the Champions--The Knight, The Mage, and The Engineer--the weapons not only cause Freddie and her friends to disrupt the seemingly perfect lives of the original heroes, but also show them what it means to become the hero to someone else’s story.

Why Patreon?
The extra support from Patreon would go directly towards supplemental costs for the comic: web-hosting, convention table fees, printing costs and expenses.

Additionally, you’ll be getting fun Patreon behind-the-scenes goodies as a thank you, like access to early page updates, sneak peeks at concept art for future characters and settings, and occasional posts featuring how a Substitutes page goes from inks to final art.

Thank you so much for reading the comic, and if you've decided to throw some funds my way, thank you also for your patronage!

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