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Even $1 a month helps massively. You directly support me to create videos and the podcast, and for that, you are ACE. As a bonus, you also get a FIRST PEEK at each new video, 24 hours ahead of the World.
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For around the price of a posh coffee, you significantly support the time required to produce new videos, and the podcast. PLUS: You get access to a private Discord server to chat with Mylar and the Patron community, you get bonus content drive loaded with hours of entertainment, music, strange curios straight from my hard drive, samples you can make music with, and more as I add it. Plus you also get the 24 hour sneak peek at new videos. Enjoy this. Enjoy these things. Enjoy them now. ENJOY THEM

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Why do you need my money?

Anyone can make a video. But making engaging videos, that inform and that entertain, that you will want to watch again and again, is hard. It takes energy, creativity, experience, patience and, more than anything, it just takes a long damn time to edit videos into more compact video-like jewels of synth-nerd gold.

I've been amazed by the positive response to the videos I make, and for the people who keep coming back for more - thank you. It will not have escaped your attention the gaps of months between my videos on my own channel, which is a reflection of the amount of other paid-for projects and limited headspace for making videos at home whilst living a life and having a job. 

To help justify the enormous time and effort involved in doing this, leaving other paid projects, and for the amazing people who have expressed a desire to help, saying thank-you for regular entertaining monthly programming, via the medium of dollars - here's a place where you can do that.

For tipping me approximately the cost of one (1) coffee/beer per month:

1) You get access to an exclusive archive of behind-the-scenes videos. This currently includes these highlights:
  • Bonus full (51 minute) Stepper Acid, Logic Beats and Bonus 0-Coast 'Directors Cut' Jam videos.
  • 'Meeting the Make Noise Erbe Verb and Echophon' Demo Video
  • 45 minute Album Preview 'Podcast'/Music Chat.
  • 30 minute guided head-mounted 'Studio Tour' video/hangout (feat Jupiter 6, my beloved Juno 60, VSS-200...).
2) You get access to join a private Discord server to chat with Mylar Melodies and the community of patrons. 

3) You get immediate access to a secret Patron-only Google Drive link, which contains literally hours of my music and a rather eccentric collection of goodies uploaded directly from my hard drive, plus the odd secret surprise. It includes:
  • 57+ MP3s forming over 4.30hrs-worth of full tracks, jams, vignettes & weird music and sound experiments spanning 15 years, very few of which have ever been heard by anyone except me and my friends, and some of which I have no WAV file of or original settings/machines/sets. Some of my favourite shit. There's the tune in there I called 'Mylar Melodies' which is what I decided to name myself after. Etc. It's a bit like my 'user18081971 dump' except I'm most definitely not Aphex Twin and this isn't on SoundCloud. Download and enjoy.
  • 'Handheld Headbob EP', a weird little 6 track electro EP I wrote entirely on my phone on the London underground.
  • Assorted curios from my hard drives, including:
  • A rough 'n ready (very much not multi-sampled) WAV sample set I recorded for my own use, a few octaves of my parent's 120+ year old upright Schiedmayer & Sohne piano, which I love the sound of dearly, and which you can hear in use in several of the tracks. Dump it into Kontakt and over-timestretch it massively, and it sounds ace. Doomful and sombre.
  • Weird voice memos and samples including a recording of the International Space Station I made stood in a garden at 5am in 2006, and at least one confirmed Number Station.
  • Unedited audio of part of my Atlantis demo video where you can hear alternative takes, and me messing shit up.

Yeah, you. You wonderful, wonderful scamp, you.
100% complete
Let's push things forward, upgrade gear and fund new machines and modules for show and tell. With a habit like this I need all the help I can get...
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