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We don't want to lock people out who can't afford a specific amount each month, so we decided that all patrons get every perk available. We feel this is the best way to show appreciation to each and every patron.

We produce occasional videos that we share just with patrons. These are usually casual videos with minimal editing that we think are just be fun to share. They don't fit in with our heavily produced episodes that we publish on the channel, but we hope you enjoy them as a way to get to know us better.

We also have a lively Discord chat group for patrons. Expect lots of retro tech talk!
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About My Life in Gaming

Who are we?
We're Coury and Try. We started My Life in Gaming (MLiG) in October 2013 as a joint project so that we could utilize our professional video production and post-production expertise in making projects that we could get excited about.

We create highly produced and tightly edited videos that are casual, enthusiastic and... for lack of a better word, nice. We have no desire to rant. We just want to talk about things that we like and stuff we think is cool. We got a bit of recognition early on with our How to Beat VHS-style series, which was heavily inspired by the old "How to Win" game tapes of the late 80's. We've greatly expanded our offerings since then.

We don't like to think of ourselves as reviewers, so we prefer to refer to many of our episodes as Showcases. In other words, we want to show you games and hardware in the absolute best way possible, providing thorough information and historical context. We also have a series called Tips & Tweaks, which presents ideas for setting up your gaming space, and how to use game hardware in ways that you might not have considered previously.

Our most popular series right now is the RGB Master Class. This series is all about getting the best picture out of your retro console games, with a focus on what's possible using original hardware. The series is broken into RGB 100 (the basics for getting into high quality retro gaming), RGB 200 (console-specific episodes), and RGB 300 (special topics and new developments). Our goal is to build the ultimate video resource on this subject that we wish existed back when we started getting into RGB gaming.

Right now, we are extremely excited about creating documentaries. This is something we have envisioned since the beginning of the channel, but we're just beginning to get into a position where producing more of these, more often, is becoming feasible.

Why Patreon?
We strive to constantly improve our work, and if you'd like to help us do so, we'd like to give you that option. If you decide not to, we totally get that too. Patreon itself doesn't change our goals, but it absolutely helps improve our show's look, production efficiency, and our ability to cover a wider variety of topics in greater depth.

The RGB Master Class made it clear to us that we needed Patreon. Things can get complicated (and expensive) when you want to cover these subjects as thoroughly as possible. Most consoles have several different revisions and mods available, and we want to address them all if we can. All of this stuff adds up.

Patreon has continued to improve the depth and quality of these episodes in a profound way. We've been able to get our hands on many more devices to include in each episode... whether simply because we could afford to cover shipping costs for special console revisions that we're borrowing, or to purchase particular cables and gear for testing. Just compare the episodes from 2014 and 2015 to those from 2016 and 2017... it becomes very apparent what Patreon has done for this series.

Documentaries are also a major part of our Patreon plans. We've been stretching our Patreon funds to accomplish what we have so far, but every bit helps expand the scope of what we can do, and where we can do it. We're excited to begin producing more documentaries per year, but the cost of travel means that we have to save up for longer to go where our topics are. International travel for documentary work is absolutely in our future plans, which would not be even remotely possible without the help of patrons.

What do the pledges go toward?
Every donation goes toward improving My Life in Gaming. Whether it be video equipment to raise our production values to new heights, plane tickets for documentary travel, additional hardware to cover for the RGB Master Class, shipping costs for borrowed items, games we want to show and talk about - everything. We want to create the best-produced and most thorough videos that we possibly can, and we're very excited to share what you can make possible through your support.
$1,481.02 of $3,000 per month
While we've created a handful of documentaries already, we're poised to make them a major pillar of the channel. We plan to invest a significant portion of our funds into travel for documentaries, and at this level, international travel would become much more feasible.

We could also afford to get our hands on nearly any piece of hardware needed to make RGB Master Class episodes as comprehensive as possible.

As always, every bit helps expand what we can do with the show - from covering shipping costs for borrowed gaming hardware, to new gear, to plane tickets.
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