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About My Little Villagers

Hello Friends!

It's Cristina here, the creator of My Little Villagers! I hope you've been enjoying my ADHD articlesvideosmemesADHD Moms Night (In)sproduct recommendations, and Facebook community.

I love the work I do, because not only is it important work, it is rewarding work. Unfortunately, this work is very time consuming and I don't get paid for it. (What little ad revenue I do bring in is comparable to a child's lemonade stand... on a cold winter day.) I have SO MANY great ideas to help children with ADHD and their parents, but it's difficult to justify the amount of time and energy I put into my work.

I'm doing my best every single day to help spread ADHD Awareness, provide support for parents and caregivers of children with ADHD, and put smiles on the faces of children with ADHD all around the world, but it would be nice to have some help with covering the costs associated with my work (Like web hosting, camera equipment, and ADHD products to review for example). So if you enjoy and appreciate all of the work I do for the ADHD community and would like to help bring ADHD Awareness and Advocacy to the world, please consider being a patron.  If you can chip in a little every month (as little as $1 even), not only will my family and I be incredibly grateful, I will be able to continue doing what I do best to help make the world a better place and you will be a part of it! Plus, patrons get special perks! (The more you donate, the better your perks are. Take a look on the right! I have to say though, the biggest perk of all is supporting ADHD Awareness.)

So what does My Little Villagers do for the ADHD Community exactly?

Articles: Ever since my young daughter was diagnosed with ADHD in 2015, I have been writing articles at My Little Villagers to help spread ADHD Awareness and Advocacy. My articles have touched the hearts of millions and have been featured in ADDitude Magazine, as well as on the following popular websites: ADDitudeThe Mighty, and Scary MommyCHADD, the national resource on ADHD, has included my blog in their "Best of the ADHD Blogs" List numerous times.

Videos: I create videos to help spread ADHD Awareness and Advocacy. My most popular video (over 7 million views) is a heartbreaking interview conducted with my daughter and a neurotypical child that demonstrates how ADHD affects a child's life in numerous ways. This video has been used in college psychology classes worldwide to help educate students about ADHD. 

Collaborations: I also collaborate with children with ADHD to help them be heard and teach the world about ADHD, like showcasing their ADHDmazing Artwork and letting them tell their story with this ADHD Kids Speak Out video:
Online Community:
I have created a fantastic Facebook community for parents and caregivers to go to for advice, support, understanding, and compassion. On the Facebook page, I share highly relatable ADHD Memes I create, including my popular ADHD Disney Meme Series. I also host free Q&A's for the community, as well as provide helpful and relatable links to other ADHD related articles, videos, and products, all on a daily basis. I have been told countless times from parents that my Facebook page is a Godsend. What they say they love the most about My Little Villagers are my positive and uplifting posts that always seem to lift their spirits when they are having a rough day, which let's face it, happens a lot for ADHD families.

Play Pallies Program: As soon as I reach my goal on Patreon, I will be starting a playdate program exclusively for children with ADHD ages 3 to 17. Play Pallies is a program that allows parents to set playdates up for their children with ADHD with other children with ADHD in their area in a secure and safe way. The program would also include tips for building social skills, advice for parents on becoming their child's "Friendship Coach," and suggestions for ADHD friendly playdate activities and games.

As you can see, my hands are full, and I have so much more to offer the ADHD community, like Buon ADHDito, a YouTube series with fun and brain-fueling recipes specifically designed for children with ADHD. I'm also working on a fun and easy to read chapter book for children with ADHD!

I know there are many people who appreciate all the work I do to raise ADHD Awareness and I truly appreciate all the wonderful and kind words people have shared with me, but what I really need to keep My Little Villagers not only up and running, but growing and improving, are patrons!

Thank you very much for believing in and supporting My Little Villagers!
$45.28 of $1,000 per month
Pen Pal Program for ADHD Kids: I would love to restart Pen Pallies, a program that allows children with ADHD to become pen pals with other children with ADHD that have the same interests as them.

P.S. It would also be nice to have some help with covering the costs associated with my work of bringing ADHD Awareness to the world!

Thank you so much for your support!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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