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About Dewanna Byrd

Thank you so much for your support! You are truly amazing and are one of the many blessings that allow me to foster this dream of spreading mental health awareness. While I continue to work on my craft and mission of bringing more awareness to mental health in communities of color, I am constantly re-investing to find ways to broaden the scope. Your support is pillar in allowing me to continue that mission, which includes helping to provide resources to keep the site up and running, tools used to create resources, and continuing education, etc.

I am a wife, mother, activist, & mental health advocate. Part of the reason I started Moody Pie was inspired by my late grandmother who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, my own battle with multiple diagnoses, and others I know who live with or are affected by mental illness. The blog and boutique were started to help share my journey and to help destigmatize the notion of what it means to live with mental illness. I also support the mission that we can each support our mental wellness whether we’re afflicted by mental illness or not. Not everyone has a mental illness, but we all have mental wellness. Throughout my journey there have been quite a few tools that have helped improve my mental wellness, including various forms of therapy, herbs, energy healing & spirituality, dietary changes, and more. Each have assisted me in better managing my illnesses. Moody Pie is a hub of information and resources that assist others in tackling their own mental wellness journeys head-on and with a bit more sinew.

Be sure to check out this page if you’d like to learn more about why I started Moody Pie or my background.

My goal is to help liberate others in who they are and in all of the ways that they exist. Part of the company’s mission is to inspire and empower others to embrace and nurture their mental wellness as part of a holistic lifestyle. I am currently in the process of expanding the boutique to include holistic mental wellness coaching services, which would require more knowledge and training. Any and all donations through Patreon- no matter how big or small- will make a huge difference to me and the communities that I serve! It helps provide me the security and tools that I need to support my small business and to venture out, so that I can continue to do this work. As a small business owner, I wear many hats. I currently make many of the products that are sold in the boutique, maintain inventory, compose emails, packaging (ugh, not fun - super moody pie moments), events, customer service, blogging, social media, and you name it. With all of that, I appreciate any donation that you can give.

Peace and blessings! Dewanna 💜
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