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About Josephine

Hey there! 

Nice to meet you, my name is Josephine :) I'm a 22 year old political science student at the University of Toronto (Oh Canada baby!) and I discuss politics on youtube.

I initially created this Patreon page to help me finance an equipment upgrade, however since the YouTube "adpocalypse," I have come to rely on donations for over 90% of my YouTube income. While watching my videos is more than enough support from most of my viewers, your monthly donations really do go a long way in helping me eat food, pay rent, and all those other basic life necessities. However, please don't feel pressured to donate - your viewership is more than enough support.

1. $1.00 reward level
Just for donating a whole one dollar a month (what a deal!) you'll get access to patron-only posts. I'll periodically update patrons on what I'm working on, and any video ideas I have, which you can then give me feedback/input on!

2. $5.00 reward level
For $5.00 patrons, you'll get access to the occasional blooper reel, as well as my super secret discord server where you can chat with other patrons, as well as yours truly - me! I'll be in there to chat with you, and even occasionally hop on voice chat. If I'm feeling especially nice, I might even give you a sneak-peak of my long-gone Nigerian accent - this is supremely embarrassing for me, and you should treat this as the true privilege that it is. Blooper reels will probably only be posted after the longer videos, and will almost certainly consist of me swearing a lot, and pep-talking myself - in other words, somewhat embarassing.

3. $10.00 reward level
In addition to earlier reward levels, you'll get access to my unlisted videos before I upload them to youtube. I warn you, I edit late into the night, so expect messages from me at 3am.

4. $20.00 reward level
All previous rewards, plus you'll get a personal thank you shout out at the end of every video. At the end of every one of my videos, you'll see your name, among all your other wonderful co-patrons, scroll past in wonderful living colour! This way you can brag to all your friends that you make my videos possible, and have evidence to back it up!

5. $100.00 reward level
Wow. You're actually awesome for even considering this. For $100.00 patrons, you'll receive access to all other reward levels, plus we will schedule a monthly 30-minute, 1-on-1 discord or skype chat for me to get your direct input/feedback. You are a god among (wo)men, and all should recognize you as such.

You mean other than the personal satisfaction of knowing someone loves me enough to actually pay me cash-money for the content I create? Well, a few things actually:

1. Better video equipment. Right now, this is in the form of lighting equipment. When I first started YouTube, I bought a cheap set of Neewer lights, which have slowly but surely fallen apart over the past year and half. With your donations, I will be able to slowly upgrade my equipment setup, thus allowing me to produce better content for you, Mr. or Mrs. (or Xerself?) content-viewer!

2. Pay for food, water, and potentially also shelter (kidding, I'm not homeless...yet). Seriously though, perhaps most importantly, your donations motivate me to make more videos because I know my viewers care. Also, I love sushi, and that shit ain't cheap. 
14 of 100 patrons
If we get to this level, which would be incredible, I'll start some kind of podcast/livestream thing.

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