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About is created to help people from different countries and backgrounds (18 languages are supported) to study English words and their meanings.
Reading books or artictes is a great tool to study foreing language. Usually to do that we use online dictionaries and translators. But we also need a tool to remember unknown words and their contexts.
Myowndictionary – is such a tool. You can use many dictionaries on site, but the main feature that distinguished Myowndictionary from similar sites is a possibility to maintain your own English dictionary: add new words, accumulate contexts in which the word is found, create and store mnemonics to remember the word. You can browse and edit your own dictionary for free.
I hope the site looks simple but maintaining such a site is not a simple task. It requires time and money resources. So I need your support to further maintain Myowndictionary. Please help keep the site running.