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About MyPilgrimage

MyPilgrimage is a program that consists of three components: The MyPilgrimage Podcast, the Facebook Group and the two books that started the whole thing: Feels Like Redemption: The Path to Health and Healing and MyPilgrimage: A Guide on the Road to Redemption. The books came out of the experience of my brother and I finding healing from our addictions, specifically to online pornography and then beyond. The experiences described in the books and the podcasts have led to lives full of fulfillment and joy.

The books are on sale at but the podcast and the Facebook Group are free to listen to and join. The funds raised here will be used to support the podcast, from equipment upgrades to increasing the quality and reach of the content. 

If you've found the MyPilgrimage program in any way helpful and you feel you'd like to contribute, know this: there's no expectation of giving in amount or frequency. Seth and I just appreciate the support and hope that we can continue to be guides and friends along your path to healing. In the future, we'll be adding patron tiers, exclusive content and merch for those of you who need a killer tshirt.

Stop by the Facebook Group, join and then share your story! Or email us: [email protected] and let us know if you have questions or thoughts. And thanks again for your support. 

- Sincerely, 
David Glenn Taylor

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