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The Challenge to Show Up

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This is the Challenge to Show Up in your Life
for What Truly Matters to You!

Here's the thing: "Results-Based" Goals can be discouraging... when you feel like you're working so hard and NOT achieving what you set out to achieve. We've got to shift our mindset. Our goals shouldn't be about "results" (those are just a bonus and a by-product of our actions). Instead, our goals should be "action-based", focusing on the habits and areas where we can consistently Show Up for. It's about our Identity and who we are becoming in the process of it all that really matters! 

In this challenge, you get to choose what areas you want to Show Up for! 
  • It could be your family... to spend Intentional and Purposeful Time with them each day. That could be as simple as talking with your husband about his day or reading a book to your children. You get to decide! 
  • It could be your home management... maybe you want to start a habit of keeping your kitchen clean or shining your sink every night because you know it would make things so much easier for you the next day! Or it could be completing one load of laundry a day from start to finish. You get to decide! 
  • Maybe it's your Quiet Time with the Lord that you want to consistently show up for... You get to decide!
  • Is it time for you to start to Show Up for your Work Outs and moving your body on a regular basis? It doesn't have to be a full-on HIIT workout every day... it could vary from day to day - even a simple walk outside could count. You get to decide! 
  • It could be that you want to prioritize getting dressed and taking care of yourself every day... whether that's full-on make-up and hair fixed, a hot bath every night, or just changing into your cute yoga pants and t-shirt instead of pajamas... you get to decide!
  • Whatever area(s) in life you want to show up for, you get to decide! 

    -->The idea of this challenge is that it's 100 days (That just seemed like a good number!). There are NO start and end dates so you can start whenever you're ready. You can start today! 

    -->You get decide what Showing Up means for you. Whether it's one area or five, you can choose what counts for you. I'll share mine with you and share my strategy as well when you join. ;-) 

    -->You can choose to receive Private Encouragement, Inspiration, and Accountability from me -OR- you can join up with a Challenge Group with other ladies participating in the Challenge so we can support and encourage each other! Whatever you decide, whenever you join... I'm here for you! 

Moving Beyond Survival Mode Challenge

per month
This is the 10-Day Challenge I created, based on the appendix chapter of Kim Brenneman's Book, Large Family Logistics. (That book is incredible and NOT just for large families - it's really for anyone with a home to manage!) 

I created this challenge because I needed to break it down into daily steps and put a system with all of her suggestions. It covers everything from Home Management, Your Meal and Laundry Systems, Morning and Evening Routines, Teaching your Kids about Obedience and Helping Out, Self Care, and more! 

I use this challenge WHENEVER I feel like I need to hit the "Reset Button" on my motherhood and home management. ;-) I did it for the first time last July when I created it. I did it again during Covid-19 when things just got a little crazy, and now I'm about to do it again at the end of Summer before we get ready to start our next year of school!

It's the perfect time for a reset! Am I right?! 

In this challenge you'll get access to ALL of the Printables related to this challenge! There's a Worksheet Packet that breaks down ALL of the steps for you, and worksheets that help you break down and work through each step of the challenge process as well! 

I'm also giving you access to the archives of the Moving Beyond Survival Mode posts and emails when you join! 

I'd love to help you Move Beyond Survival Mode and hit Reset on all your systems... Let's do this! 

About Laney Barrett

Hey! I'm Laney Barrett, and you've landed on My Purposeful Planning Patreon Page! Welcome! I'm so glad you're here! 

I am a homeschooling mama, a planner girl, blogger, and now a podcaster!  I have an academic soul, and I love to learn new things and improve things to make them better. As a new mom to four little ones, I need all the help I can get! I hope that by coming here and joining me, you will be inspired and plan to be more purposeful in your life as well! 

We wear so many hats as women, and sometimes it's just really hard to manage them all. I believe that we can share our own positive growth experiences whether it be spiritual or practical, and we can help each other improve in ways we never thought possible on our own! 

Thank you for joining me here where it is my hope that you will be inspired to make a purposeful action plan that works for you! 

By becoming a patron, you will receive exclusive content, information, & resources - all related to planning and being more purposeful in life. You will be supporting me, my blog, my podcast, my family, and the vision that God has given us to help others reach their full potential. 

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Q&A with me on all things Planning & Intentionality-Related
Opportunity to give more input on the direction & content of My Purposeful Planning 

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