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About Myq Kaplan

You don't have to donate anything. Live your life however you choose! If you have extra money, donate it to fight malaria and provide opportunities to the poor and food for the hungry. But also, here's some stuff about me...

In addition to doing standup comedy, I have a podcast called "Broccoli and Ice Cream." Each week, I speak to a friend, guest, artist, comedian, musician, someone who does some kind of work (as represented by broccoli) and experiences some kind of joy (as represented by ice cream).

Half of our conversation comes out for free each week on Apple Podcasts/iTunes, and then the other half comes out here. For $4 a month, you'll get everything. For $10 a month, you'll get MORE than everything. Enjoy!

I appreciate your reading and supporting however you do! Thank you forever, good-bye for now!
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At $3000, I will endeavor to hire an animator to animate some more of my standup. Thanks for reading this!
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