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*By originals I mean the songs composed and written by me. Of course I can't give you originals of my covers because I don't own the performing rights for the original recordings.
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When I was six years old, I made the decision to become a professional musician. I wanted to play drums and sing like Ringo Starr. I didn't play any instrument at that age but my parents who are both musicians had their rehearsal room in our apartment, so I spent a lot of time watching and listening others making music.
Nobody has ever since been able to change my mind even though really a lot of people tried, teachers, family and even friends. So from the beginning my musical path was a fight against all expectations people had of me. I went through a lot, I experienced depressions, anxiety, poverty (because not being able to make money with music and no other formal qualifications to get a job) and there have been some times where I thought maybe I should quit. But there is a will inside of me to go on making music which is stronger than everything else.

I've always been in love with 80s music, folk, hard rock/metal, and prog rock. And I'm also strongly influenced by NES and SNES era game music.
In 2005/2006 I discovered Eurobeat. I have already been a fan of Italo Disco and Japanese culture so a friend of mine thought Eurobeat should be just the right thing for me. In summer 2006 I made my first try to write a Eurobeat song. It sounded more like the early 90s Eurobeat. But since then a lot of time has passed and I developed my skills to produce Eurobeat with a modern sound.

The big question still was how to get people to listen to my music. That's why I decided in late 2015 to make some covers of famous songs in Eurobeat style and to publish them regularly on YouTube.

Making at least one new song with a video every week is almost a full time job and that's why I need you as my patron to be able to continue.
Of course it would be great to be able to make a living from my music so that I can fully concentrate of providing the best musical quality possible, technically and emotionally. Also I'd need to ameliorate my equipment. For example at the moment I'm working with a smartphone for video recording, I could need a better microphone for recording, not to speak of software updates etc. that are necessary from time to time.
I also have the long-time goal to build a “real” recording studio where I can also make music productions for other artists.

So you see you'd be part of something great. And on top of that you'll also get very cool rewards for being my patron as you can see on the side.

And I think I'm a better singer than Ringo Starr now.

$23 of $750 per month
This number just looks great for a goal, doesn't it? I mean, it's not 1000. 1000 would look like a bit high for a first goal. But something like 500 would look a bit cheap. So 750 is cool. Once I got that I'll try to reach for the stars.
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