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An absolute palette essential. 

💖First of all, a BIG thank you for joining me on this venture, and choosing to support my weird work. 

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High-res scans of my sketchbooks pages, including everything I don't share anywhere else, messy pages, failed sketches, thumbnails...
PLUS access to ALL previous PDFs!

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My go-to colour, always. 

 All previous rewards :  
👁️🗨️ Access to my Patron-only feed
📖 High-res Scans of my Sketchbook   
💌 Access to Exclusive Instagram Stories!


An in-depth look at my process as a detailed Process Video, PDF or Real-Time Video of a painting every 2 months.
Access to a Process Video or PDF of a painting every 2 months, including all sketches, notes, references images (and how I used them), colour comps, and progress pictures of the painting from start to finish.
PLUS access to ALL previous PDFs and Videos!
On the months without a pdf, I will post a real-time video of a sketch, small painting or study.
Perylene Violet (Stickers)
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My paint equivalent of a secret weapon. 

All previous rewards : 
👁️🗨️ Access to my Patron-only feed 
📖 High-res Scans of my Sketchbook  
💌 Access to Exclusive Instagram Stories!

🔎 Process Videos and Real-Time Videos


on everything in my Storenvy Shop.  
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Get 2 Vinyl Stickers in the mail for every month pledged (sent every 2 months)!
These stickers will be exclusive to Patreon and not on sale on my shop for at least 2 months after they are made available to you. Size will vary, but should be an average of 2in.

🔔 Early Access to new tutorials + Access to Skillshare Courses
I have no Skillshare courses as of yet but am in the process of writing some. I do have a few small tutorials available to this tier on Patreon already.




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I am quite an obsessive artist, and I create a lot of varied work. Not all of it is consistent with a singular painterly style, as I am still exploring avenues and am constantly looking for new opportunities, but one thread is constant ;
I love darker, slightly unsettling themes, personal demons and surreal atmospheres.
But alongside that, I also practice a fair amount, and do a lot of studies and more conventional pieces to hone my craft and further my skill. 
I work mainly traditionally, with watercolour (my first love), gouache (my new love), and ink, but I also like to dabble and try new things, like oils and sculpting, so expect to see some occasional first impressions, reviews and 3D works. 

I intend my Patreon page to be the place where I share this progress and exploration of my art with you, and where you can be privy to my inner workings and personal progress. You will get to see a lot of my behind the scenes work, and will be able to participate in helping me fine tune what I create and express the message I want to send out with my art.
Patreon will help me support myself financially more efficiently, while also working as a system to keep me accountable. My rewards are designed to keep me creating and producing work, and by supporting me, you get to access a plethora of information I don't share anywhere else.
With a growing social media presence that can be difficult to keep up with, Patreon will also hopefully help me keep in touch with more of you, and have a more personal and genuine relationship with the people like you who help me do what I do!
Expect my page, tiers, and rewards, to gradually evolve and adapt as my page (hopefully) grows! There are tons of reward ideas I want to explore in the future, so what you see here and now is only the tip of the iceberg of possibilities!

if you pledge 

✦ You get to choose which tier you want to pledge if you like the sound of the rewards, OR you can enter whatever amount you want to donate if you just want to support my work.
✦ You will be charged on the day you pledge and will get immediate access to my Patreon feed, and then you next payment will be on the next 1st of the month. 
✦ If you want to lower your pledge at any time, you can, and you will stay at your previous tier until the next 1st of the month, at which point, your pledge will go down (so, for example, if you were pledging at $10 and want to go down to $5 but it's the 18th of February, you'll still have access to all the $10 rewards until the end of the month, and then you'll be charged $5 on the 1st of March).
✦ If you want to increase your pledge, or qualify for a higher tier, you can update your pledge at any time, and you will immediately pay the difference and have access to your new perks (so, for example, if you were pledging $10 but want to change to $20 at any time, just update your pledge and you'll be charged immediately and have access to your new rewards immediately).
✦ You can also decide to delete your pledge entirely at any time!

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If you do decide to join our little growing community, don't forget to check out all the posts I have already made!
You can click on the tags on the left to access different categories!
Here are a few posts you may find interesting/useful : 

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A Patreon exclusive extra Inktober 2017 Sketch

 My work/daily routine

My sculptures

There are tons more WIPs, sketches, and Patreon exclusives already up for your perusal.  

Thank you for checking my page out, whatever your decision, I hope you enjoyed your time here, and that you are well.  :)
All the best, 

Find me on other platforms and let's hang out!  

$500 - reached! per month
You have no idea how much reaching this goal would mean to me. It would cover a big part of my rent, and would help relieve so much stress! As a massive thank you for this milestone, I would love to create my first enamel pin! 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 294 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 294 exclusive posts

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