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About MySportsFeeds

At MySportsFeeds, we're developers and sports fans just like you.  We understand the struggle to find affordable sports data, because we've looked!   So we created what the industry was sorely lacking - a robust and powerful API that we're sharing with the entire world.  Do any of the following describe you?
  • Data Analyst (R, Tableau, etc)
  • Student working on a course/project
  • Sports Fan or Hobbyist (creating an app/site for personal use only)
  • Developer looking for a fun way to learn

We've recently dropped Patreon in favour of an integrated billing solution.  Our updated Personal pricing is listed directly on our site.  All you need to do is register and create an API key to get started.  You'll be able to manage all your subscription options to your API keys from your Account page.

In order to qualify for the Personal pricing, you'll need to assure that:
  • our data is not publicly displayed.
  • you're not earning revenue of any kind.
  • usage is restricted to 10 or fewer people (for sites and apps).
  • no redistribution of any kind.

If any of those conditions not met, you'll need to subscribe for our Commercial pricing - which is still the BEST value in the industry featuring friendly Canadian-dollar pricing and multiple levels of discounts.

We're always working on added features.  You can check out the official issue tracker on GitHub, but here are a few of the higher priority ones:
  • a list of all team officials
  • new feeds for team depth
  • new feeds for playoff rounds and series.
  • live HTTP PUSH functionality, including webhooks
  • statistical "splits" for each supported team or player stat (home games, away games, "last 10" , special teams, etc)
  • support for NCAA Basketball and Football, and Soccer
  • adding past seasons retroactively
  • more odds providers (sportsbooks)

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