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The top 3 1-character digital art pictures voted for by patrons from a pool of random 10+ of canon MLP:FIM characters.

Early Access to Art

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Get the above and early access digital art before they get posted publicly everywhere else. If you pledge to this tier, you will get to see all of the pictures for the month making this tier the best value for your support.

Discord Access

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Get the above and access to the patrons only art lounge channel on my Discord where I post finished artwork even earlier. Linking your Discord account to Patreon is required to gain access to the channel.
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About mysticbeta

I’m mysticalpha and welcome to my page. If you’re here, you probably already know what I do but I will have to tell you anyway. I do all types of art ranging from fanart to original artwork. I’m currently known for my pony artwork and some furry artwork. I occasionally do random original artwork as well. All the artwork I do will be safe-ist, normal and adult themed. Even though that this is an adult content page, I will be posting non-adult content as well but will not be the dominant content over the adult stuff.

Here’s what I will do on this page. I will create whatever artwork of my own idea and choosing I can on a monthly basis. It will be of a varying amount of artwork. Some of it will be adult themed and some of it will be safe and non-adult. The adult stuff will be for early access. They will be posted here for the patrons first and will not be marked for public posting for at least 2 weeks.

The safe normal, non-adult stuff will be posted publicly on the feed of this page. You do not have to pledge to see public posts. All you need to do is follow. Keep in mind that I’m not setting a number of artwork I create each month so you may just end up seeing minimal stuff I post as public. Also keep in mind that the non-adult stuff are not the rewards.

Patreon is a place where creators like myself can work on their ideas and passions and offer rewards to those who pledge. You are not obligated to support me financially nor am I expecting you to. Your support can help creators like me take care of certain financial obligations so we can have less to worry about and more time and resources we can devote to what we love to do. In turn, you'll get to see more content from your favorite creators and we all benefit. Here are the ways you can show your support:
  1. Follow the page: You can follow and see public posts on the feed.
  2. Like and Comment
  3. Pledge to a tier of your choice
  4. Pledge a custom amount

Here are the reward tiers if you decide I’m worth your money. Keep in mind that the rewards below are adult/erotic themed. These rewards will be posted on the feed for patrons pledged to a tier.

  1. Top 3 Voted Ponies: You get to see the top voted 3 pony plots of the month.
  2. Early Art Access: You get to see the rest of the art early + Top 3 Voted Ponies.
  3. Discord Access: You get Discord access to the channel where I post art early (usually earlier than the Patreon feed) + Early Art Access + Top 3 Voted Ponies
  4. PSD files: You get access to the PSD files of the rewards + the above. This excludes public posts, commissions and non reward content. Links to these files will be sent out at the end of the month.

None of the artwork I post here are exclusive to Patreon. Keep in mind that I will not be posting said artwork all at once when its time exclusivity is up. Sometimes, I’ll feel that certain artwork requires more work or I’ll feel it doesn’t fully reflect my original idea to warrant posting it outside of Patreon. This means you will be the only ones to potentially see all my stuff until I'm ready to post them elsewhere. Even though you are the only ones to see the artwork early, please respect my wishes and do not share them outside of Patreon until I'm ready to post them elsewhere. Since this is a place where you support what I do, the art I do here is how I want it to be. If you request something to be changed in any of the art because you do not like something in particular, it is at my discretion whether or not to honor it. 
$74.55 of $100 per month
If this goal is reached, I'll continue with the let's draw videos.
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