mysticbeta is creating Adult Pony, Furry and Game Art

Top 3 Voted Plots

$1 /mo
The top 3 1-character plot pictures voted for by patrons from a pool of random 10+ of canon MLP:FIM characters. 

Early Access to Art

$5 /mo
Get the above and early access art before they get posted publicly everywhere else. If you pledge to this tier, you will get to see all of the pictures for the month (minus the rew...

Discord Access

$10 /mo
Get the above and access to the patrons only art lounge channel on my Discord where I post finished artwork even earlier. Your pledge will have to go through first before gaining access. 

Source Files

$20 /mo

Get the above and the PSD source files for all reward images. Excludes extras such as commissions, public posts and promotional content.