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About The Mystic Phoenix


What is a witch?

We are the old souls. Fighters against ignorance and protectors of the Earth. Defenders of what's right and speakers of the truth. We are the guardians of the animals and lovers of the rivers. We are worshippers of the moon and lovers of the sun. We are the practitioners of magic always seeking enlightenment. We are the voices of victims and believe in equality. We are the protests for nature and warriors against darkness. We are the healers, shamans, mystics, free spirits and seekers. WE ARE THE UNIVERSE. And the universe is us.


I have been practicing spirituality and witchcraft for almost fifteen years and am no stranger to the occult. I have been able to jump the hedge between the spirit and earth realm from a young age and have since mastered other arts such as reiki, astral projection and mediumship.

It was during my teenage years that I began to dabble with tarot cards, dream/spirit animal interpretation, and herbal spells that I really felt awakened. 

When I was 19, I moved to FL and began to grow a love for crystal and water magick, spending 10 years learning the properties of crystals and now find myself diving further into the world of witchcraft, ever growing my knowledge.

As a self taught witch, I thrive on guiding others during their begining stages of witchcraft. This page was created with that intention. Each tier will help to awaken the witch and wisdom that has always resided within you. 

Blessed Be! 🖤
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