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  • My thanks for your kindness — and I cannot thank you enough.
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  • Access to update posts/snippets of my writing progress on the space cowboys.
  • Soon after a space cowboy chapter or one-shot is posted, you get to preview half of the next chapter/one-shot!
  • If we have 4+ prompts, chance to vote on narrowing it down!
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  • All the above rewards from the previous tiers.
  • Access to more space cowboy content: chapter outlines, overall series plot-outline, as well as world-building/character notes.
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About Mytay

I want to share my stories with all of you! I've managed to pick up more work in Real Life, and so things are improving, but my free time is now shrinking — anything you can pledge is appreciated beyond measure. As recompense, I will offer you my words, in the forms of editing and tales, many of your choosing.

If you support me:
I offer you the ability to submit prompts and have them expanded into full-fledged stories. I also offer early access to chapters of the space cowboy series, Trouble's Making Everything All Right, as well as posts about my progress and little snippets of my writing as I go.

I have other works-in-progress that you may also gain access to — depending on your membership tier, you may end up seeing the stories in their entirety before they're ever posted onto AO3. 

Furthermore, choose what I continue!
Space cowboy series and prompts aside, the higher tiers on this Patreon will have a say in which longer stories end up completed! Once the story is chosen, you'll gain early access to each chapter. You'll see the whole story before it gets posted on AO3 (if it gets posted there at all).

The second story chosen and currently being written is Lance and Keith uncovering a conspiracy at the Garrison. (The first story chosen was a tale about Lance and Keith adopting a half-Galra baby, which was completed here on May 18, 2019 and is now posted on AO3.)

I have stories in other fandoms (Lord of the Rings, Merlin, Teen Wolf, X-Men: First Class, The Last of Us, Dragon Age: Inquisition, etc.), some of which are almost done — most of you will have first access pieces of those, and the higher tier members can pick which one I finish off first. Those tales may be Patreon exclusive for a time.

With enough support ...
I would love to adapt the space cowboy series into an actual novel. For anyone who supports me on here at the $10 tier, you will get to see into that process — see what changes I make to the characters, how the world will shift, and actual pieces of this novel as it comes to fruition!

I've also begun writing other original tales (such as a random steampunk-magic type story), and they will also be viewable to that tier.

I would also like to edit more in a professional capacity. I have a certificate in publishing, with several courses focused specifically on copy-editing, stylistic/substantive editing, as well as proofreading and indexing. I currently have editing services for the higher tiers ($8 and $10), and I'm hoping to expand upon them, should folks be interested!

Posting Schedule ...
I'm aiming for space cowboy posts once per week, and all other story posts every other week (two or three times a month).As of June 2019, the schedule is as follows:

— Space Cowboy Original Novel posts on every other Monday.
— Space Cowboy Fic Posts on Tuesdays.
Lastly, the voted-on story (Lance and Keith vs. A Garrison Conspiracy) on every other Saturday. 
Whenever a giant space cowboy half-chapter preview goes up, there will be no space cowboy post that following Tuesday to give me time to write more for you all.)

There is Discord access as well for each tier, but right now my time has become so limited that I can't fit in regularly scheduled chats. If ever I make use of it, I will post a week ahead of time to let you all know about any chats!

However you choose to help ...
I am grateful to all of you. From the people who can't afford to support me on here, but who spread the word around, to every single tier of supporter — you all have my love and gratitude always. Your kindness has already been such a help to me, and I wish you all the best.

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