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Personage First Order

$1 /mo
You have our deepest gratitude and appreciation and you'll get access to our patron-only special announcement/general info feed. 

Personage Second Order

$2 /mo
You'll get access to our patron-only feed. Stay our Patreon for at least six months we'll send you a book of your choice from our catalog, shipping paid.

Personage Third Order

$3 /mo
You'll get the previous rewards, plus we'll send you a Print and Play version of each game once the final versions are released.

A Personage

$5 /mo
You'll be eligible to have your name listed in the census data published in our annual Universe Bound anthology, plus all previous rewards.

Personage Noble

$10 /mo
POSTCARD: You get the previous reward, plus a postcard featuring the pick of the month artwork.

Personage Grand Noble

$15 /mo
POSTCARD PLUS: You get the previous reward, but the postcard is sent in an envelope to protect it from scuffs and bent corners.

Personage Court Observer

$25 /mo
The previous rewards, plus Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) of books before final approval and printing. This is a privilege given to most reviewers. You'll receive a hardcopy (paperback or hardcover)...

Personage Lordship

$50 /mo
The previous rewards, plus the opportunity to beta test future games (5 - 7 a year) and receive our audio books before they are released to the general public.

Personage Knighted Lord

$100 /mo
The previous rewards, plus a hardcopy of Universe Bound, an anthology of all books and Tachyon short stories and articles published during the year. Universe Bound is printed after the New Year. Yo...