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Hey! My name is Nnoggie and i love to create AddOns for World of Warcraft.

With the help of the mythic+ community i have been alpha testing the Mythic Dungeon Tools since late february 2018 and have received great feedback from the testers. During this period the list of features that i want to implement into the AddOn grew extremely fast and now i am reaching out to you to help me further develop this project.

Find the lates version of the AddOn on my GitHub page:

After blizzard hosted the first Mythic Dungeon Invitational the interest in high mythic+ skyrocketed and there was a sudden demand from new and experienced players for guides and tools to help them get better at it. Even though some resources attempted to guide players through the most common dungeon routes i was unsatisfied with the situation and felt the need to create what is now known as the Mythic Dungeon Tools.

Currently one of the main aspects of being successful in mythic+ is to be time efficient with your pathing and making sure that you only defeat as many enemy forces as you need. The main purpose of my AddOn is to give the user the ability to perfectly plan out their dungeons down to the last npc.  

I started playing World of Warcraft in Vanilla beta and have loved the game ever since. I always like to improve the "meta" aspects of my gameplay for example user interface modifications to help with the way information is being displayed or spreadsheets to plan out my character and raid progression. One could say it was only a matter of time before i started building a tool like this.

Features completed:
  • Maps for all Legion+BFA dungeons
  • NPC positions for all dungeons including extra teeming npcs
  • Support for seasonal affix configurations
  • Patrol paths for all patroling npcs
  • Enemy forces for every npc and dungeon
  • Preset management including export/import via paste strings
  • Preset sharing ingame via chat links
  • Map features such as notes, icons, paths, arrows to allow user to further improve their presets
  • Detailed Enemy Info including spells and susceptibility to crowd control
  • Party syncing to allow users to work on a dungeon preset together in real time
  • Web Version wago.io/mdt
Features planned:
  • Compact view of the pulls to use during a dungeon run
  • Support for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands dungeons
  • Damage calculator for dangerous enemy abilities
  • Speedruns and historical tracking
Some of these planned features are really ambitious and will take quite a bit of time to implement so i am asking for your assistance to make my ideas become a reality.

82% complete
At this point i can spend time on one of the bigger new features like the compact view of pulls.
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