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an open source virtual tabletop platform for roleplaying games!

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Where would we be without our townsfolk, blacksmiths, and innkeepers? NPCs may not take an active role in the game but they just as important.  In the spirit of Mythic Table, NPCs have the same benefits as all other supporters.  We welcome and thank you.

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Every great story has their Monsters.  To Mythic Table, Monsters are our passionate and staunch supporters.  Whether they be Mischievous Kobolds, Plotting Drow or just your regular Internet Troll, we wouldn't be the same without them.  If you find you don't find a place to fit in, maybe you are a Monster, too. :)

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About Mythic Table

Welcome to Mythic Table's Patreon Page!

Mythic Table is an Free and Open-source online platform designed for tabletop role-playing games. We are focused on building a modern user experience with unique usability features, high performance, and flexibility. We will be hosting this service free of charge. We will not lock features behind paywalls but because of that we will need help from a small dedicated group of you. If you find value in what we're doing ahow your support by becoming one of our Patrons!


Supporters will get priority access to our highest-level team members and developers via Patron-only roles and an associated channel in our Discord Server.  You will have the opportunity to get a first-hand look at what we're building and you will have the chance to influence the direction of Mythic Table.


To put it simply our primary goal is to be self-sustaining, which means first and foremost covering our operating expenses. This is why our first goal, Goal #1 has been set appropriately to cover our monthly burn rate. (Burn rate is used to track the amount of monthly cash that a company spends before it starts generating its own income. Meaning that when we surpass this number we have a positive cash flow and can start re-investing back into further and faster Mythic Table development.) We've worked tirelessly creating meaningful relationships and organizing deals to ensure this is kept as low as possible but building a free web service can be expensive to host, develop, run, and organize.

Our second goal, Goal #2 has been chosen as the minimum required before we are able to call ourselves fully operational and begin true development - reaching this goal means we will be able to contract one of our developers to work on key features of the project, significantly speeding up development and allowing our volunteer developers more freedom over and support for their own passion projects.
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Our bottom line infrastructure cost is about $600 per month.  We're proud to be able to get it so low.  We have many great providers like Gitlab, Slack, DailyBot, Discord, and Mailchimp that offer us free services.  So far our costs are coming from Cloud infrastructure costs and Google's G Suite.  We have a number of other services like Harvest and Grammarly that add a small amount to our overall costs.

Reaching this goal helps us maintain our services without incurring more debt.
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