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About Andrew

Hi! I'm Andrew. I have about a million ideas which I want to make into artefacts. They mostly fall under the umbrella of helping people, but some would better be called entertainment.

So far, I've published a beginner's guide to a fairly new myopia reduction method ( and a deep treatise on information addiction and how to beat it (

My unfinished project list is much longer - and that's where you come in. There's some really cool stuff in here. It includes short stories, time management apps, misery-filtering browser addons, harmony-maximizing online community tools, soul-healing VR experiences, novel ways to bridge ideological gulfs, advanced tools to manage screen addiction, and many more.

I have a broad background. I have written software, taught children, acted for stage and TV, practiced emergency medicine, dived into academia, founded a co-work space, and many hats besides.

The things I want to make are similarly varied. What they have in common is that they are small enough to be made well by one person, and that they try to tackle something big in their space.

I'd like everything I make to be free to everyone, and I think the energy that I put into the business side of what I do could be much better used on making better things. So this is an experiment to see whether people interested in what I make like the idea of patronage.

My goal is to make lovely things which help people, full-time. I'm really looking forward to it. :)
1% complete
When I reach 80 patrons, I'll be able to dedicate an entire extra day each week to human-helping projects. This roughly doubles the time I spend working on them, so I'll be able to get them out much faster :)
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