Myth Match is creating Weird Creatures

$1 /mo
You get my undying gratitude and a little thank you message from me.  Every little bit helps.

$2 /mo
You get access to my exclusive patreon gallery that can't be seen anywhere else.  This includes the new Myth Match cards, plus my undying gratitude.

$5 /mo
High resolution.  See all the tiny details I put in, no water marks, plus everything from the first two rewards.

$7 /mo
Streaming invitations.  You'll get a special invitation to come join me as I stream my work.  Shout out suggestions, ask questions, pick my brain of it's secrets, or just hang out and watch.  But w...

$10 /mo
Myth Match Game Invitations.  At this level you get a chance to play the Myth Match card game with me way before the cards are finished.  Learn the rules and be a master myth maker yourself or just...

$15 /mo
Invitations to Giallos Chronicles games.  Come join the role playing DnD style game and explore the world of Giallos.  Build up your own character and become a hero by defeating evil villains and t...

$20 /mo
Credit as a Contributor.  At this level you're so awesome I'm going to put your name in my books in the credits.  As long as you're a contributor I'll keep adding your name to all the books that co...

$30 /mo
What's better than your name in the books?  How about your face?  That's right at this level I'll draw you or your character into the background of one of the books.  Fight monsters, befriend fairi...