Myths are History

Myths are History

Myths of Creation & the Creation of Myth (multimedia)

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About Myths are History

This page is under reconstruction and will soon be relaunched with a new focus on the current work in progress . . . Preview here:

Myths of Creation
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When The Jupiter Myth Patreon campaign reaches at least $500 per month I will be able to devote myself full time to the project's goals -- with an eye towards developing the proposed sequel, The Mercury Myth.

Alongside these immediate goals, there is the potential for the development of a new interdisciplinary journal, to feature the work of a new generation of brilliant minds working in a diverse but unified array of scientific fields.

As longer-range goals are brought to fruition, a more concerted effort at ushering in a revaluation of comparative mythology, archaeoastronomy and traditional esotericism can be launched in the context of a larger international group effort supporting a new series of annual conferences.

We stand now at the beginning of a new scientific revolution that has already begun to shake the foundations of the old paradigm, in great need of harmonious collaborations that will provide future generations with a more meaningful and integral way of relating to the cosmos at large. Only through understanding what happened to us in the past and how we got to where we are today can we have hope for a more holistic future for the generations yet to come.
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