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        About Alison Innes & Darrin Sunstrum

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        Our podcast is a little different from other myth podcasts out there. Rather than telling the stories of Greek and Roman myth, we focus on analyzing the literary material where those stories come from. Sometimes we choose a particular figure or theme from mythology and examine texts relating to it. Other times, we choose a passage from a play or poem and analyze it for its themes and ideas.

        Our podcast is unscripted, so anything can happen! We keep it real–we want you to feel like you’re sitting down and having a conversation with us. We also welcome your input–questions, thoughts, suggestions, ideas.

        And, of course, we appreciate your support! We've been on the air since April 10, 2016, sharing our passion for ancient myth.  As our little podcast grows, we're encountering increased hosting expenses. We want to upgrade our hosting plan so we can keep all our episodes available for everyone to listen to at any time. Please consider helping us by making a small monthly contribution! 

        You can visit our webpage at and join us on Facebook!

        Darrin has been reading, learning, and teaching Classics for 14 years and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. His interests are broad and include the heroic narrative, mythology, literature and literary theory, hermeneutics, narratology, and the history of ideas. He likes stories, their characters, their ideas, how they are constructed, understood, communicated and analyzed. Darrin is a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Classics at Brock University. He has a BA in Classical Studies and an MA in Education.

        Alison‘s interests are also wide-ranging. Her academic interests include gender theory, women in history, and the history of science and medicine. She’s especially interested in the reception of Greek and Roman mythology–how the stories, ideas, and themes have come down to modern times and how they are repurposed and retold. Alison also works as a Teaching Assistant since completing her MA in Classics in 2013. 
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