My Wife Hates Me

is creating A Daily Blog about life, bad taste, and the Big, Bad Bear... er,
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About My Wife Hates Me

ABOUT ME: I love writing. It's been my dream since I was a child. With the encouragement of my wife, I've started a blog that (I hope) will allow me to express my creative ideas in funny and interesting ways.

ABOUT MY WIFE HATES ME: It's a blog about life, love, and how much my wife hates my taste in... well, pretty much everything! From entertainment to technology, from rocking chairs to food, if I like it, chances are my wife will hate it!

ABOUT THIS PATREON: While the blog is currently in its infancy, I plan to expand it to encompass its own website, a channel on YouTube, and a weekly podcast for those who don't like or don't have time to read the blogs. With the help of Patrons like you, I can make my dream into a reality.
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While I can blog just fine at, I would like to have my own name and site. This goal will help me get those things set up so I can give you even more content.
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