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is creating paintings, drawings, and more inspired by mythology and folklore

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Updates on secret projects and a little education on the why's of said projects.
Building Oracles
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This tier will receive everything from the tiers below as well as a digital sketch piece once a month with the aim of slowly building a personalized oracle deck. 

-the people in these tiers will need to contact me to figure out the direction they might like to head towards with these drawings.

-images will be sent to patrons at the end of the month. it is up to the patron to print these 'cards' to create the physical oracle.

-images that will be sent will be a large working image and a 3x5 card image.

-Quality similar to tier image. can also be black and white or grey scale.




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My life long dream has been to create art of a spiritual nature of pagan gods and beings of mythology. My primary focus is on Egyptian gods. Someday I hope to be able to work on spiritually driven art full time.

I graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design, major in illustration. Since then I have worked a few jobs and continued to work as a freelance artist. I have been published for my art in Circle Magazine, privately for a kids book, and soon for the Ancient Egyptian Daybook.

Where this money goes...
Money that is contributed to me through this site will go towards helping with supplies as well as research to help make my art more authentic. This alleviates the strain on my family finances.

Why now?
For a few years now I have been feeling stagnant in my art. I can create pretty things but college broke my confidence and its only now returning. This will also hold me accountable to people to continue trying to be better. Out of my handful of college friends I am actually the second most published and I want to work on being more in this career I am trying to create.
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Help keep me going and take some stress off the crafting funds! Keeping material costs in the Paypal and out of my checking account.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 88 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 88 exclusive posts

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