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About naachi

♥Welcome to my Patreon page ♥
About me:
My name is naachi, I'm a 26y/o freelance artist.
I've been a self-employed illustrator for the last 3 years & on a day to day basis I work a lot with local company's in my area. 
I have been working together with Youtubers like PietSmiet in the past & in 2018 I also had the chance to be a part of Ubisoft's Star Player program.
I really do love my job & after a couple of years of hard work,
it finally seems like it is starting to pay off.

Social Media:
WebsiteTwitterInstagramYoutubeStore |  

What I wish for in the future:
Having the resources & more time for my own ideas & projects. Cutting myself loose from working with companies out of necessity
& instead focusing on my own creative goals. 
I hope that I can get closer to achieving my goals by setting up this page & I hope that you as a Patron can find some enjoyment or maybe even learn something from what I draw & post here.

My art: 
I love drawing & gaming equally. 
Most of my art is heavily influenced by Western & Japanese video games.
You will see me draw lot of gaming related fanarts. Especially: 
Rainbow Six: Siege, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Assassins Creed, Destiny 2, The Legend of Zelda or Nier: Automata. 
In my teen years I really enjoyed drawing & reading manga. Even though I barely have the time to read manga nowadays anymore, I still like to believe that my illustrations are
rooted in the Japanese art style. 
In the past five years I finally discovered my own style & I don't base my inspiration solely off of manga anymore. I 've come to feel inspired by all sorts of things: Gaming, Music, Photography,  Western Comics, Concept Art, Classic Art, etc.
I mainly work with traditional media like Copic Markers, Color Pencils & Ink but I also started to enjoy working digitally with my Wacom Cintiq using Photoshop & Clipstudio.

Q: When do I pay for my Tier?
 You will be charged instantly the first time you sign up. After that you will be charged on the 1st of each month! (I'd highly recommend to sign up in the beginning of a month & not at the ending of a month, so you don't get charged twice in a short amount of time.)

Q: When will I get my reward?
A: The rewards will be sent out on the 5th of each month (unless stated otherwise) after your patreon payment went through. Scans/High-Res files will be sent to you via your patreon direct messages with a dropbox link that will contain all the files of the month. 

Q: I didn't get a DM with my reward. Why is that?
A: If you don't get your rewards sent to you via direct message, it could be because of the following reasons:
  • You chose to support me & you manually checked the "no rewards" option. In that case you will not get sent any rewards, even tho you support me every month. This can be undone by checking your subscription settings & editing them.
  • Your payment was declined. Patreon will try to charge you on the 1st of each month. If your paypal/credit- debit card doesn't have enough balance it will get declined. Patreon directly informs you about this & will try to charge you again later. However if the payment still didn't go through up until the 5th of the month I will NOT include you in the months batch & you won't get any DM with your rewards.
Q: Can I still get my reward after the 5th of the month?
A: If your payment was declined, the only way to get your reward for the month is to write me a direct message & make sure that you pay for the months rewards. 
I will look into my patreon balance and if the payment went through, I will of course still sent you the reward batch via direct message.

Q: My subscription got canceled & I'm not receiving my rewards anymore?
A: If your payment get's declined for more than 2 months in a row, I will cancel your subscription.

Q: My Mail Bunny/Artsy Bun tier hasn't arrived yet?
A: Those tiers include physical rewards that will be sent to you via mail. Please remember to include your current address when selecting the tier. Also remember I'm located in Europe & it can take up to 3 weeks to arrive depending on your location. I will provide you with a tracking number but I will NOT be able to communicate with the post offices in your country if something goes wrong.
Should the package get sent back to me, I'm willing to sent it out again tho.

$179 of $250 per month

Bunny Steps!

I will be able to pay for my art supplies & Adobe programs.
This will help me to continue doing art.

  •  At least one new video every month on my art channel on Youtube.

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