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About Nachi-san


My entire content creation manifesto consists of one central idea: storytelling. I am not just a writer and anime blogger. I am a learning artist, hobby musician, photographer and aspiring multimedia content creator. But for now, let's just say I choreograph words to form thoughts, paint with prose to create stories, and frame ideas to accommodate the search for further enrichment of art appreciation.

For the foreseeable future, this Patreon will be the main funding source for ATMA & Funomena, my multimedia blog, essay and journalism site.

And what does this Patreon fund? I recently expanded my website's coverage to include more long-form academia essays, multi-page comprehensive studies, as well as translation commissions for creator interviews. Not only will this become increasingly time-consuming, the purchase of reading material such as non-fiction books (usually a few times more expensive than your typical manga volumes and fiction paperbacks), peer-reviewed articles and commission fees for professional translators are simply out of reach for this non-paying and ongoing passion project. So I look to my readers to spare a coin or two every month to continue my uh...'somewhat above average content'.

NOTE: While I do make reference to video and audio-based content on the various reward tiers, these do not apply until I have the capacity to expand my productions to these mediums (see goals). The tiers themselves do include extra disclaimers regarding this.

About ATMA & Funomena

Animation Talk, Music and Analysis. This is the central hub for all my content.

Anime: I don't just review, analyse and commentate. I research, dissect and inform readers on the artistic essence of the subject matters. Instead of trying to 'cover everything', I wish to draw your attention to the artistry within the picture. Sakuga is already well covered, so in addition to that aspect of anime appreciation, I aim to widen the net of coverage by studying the art of music to picture, sound design and the production process of prolific film composers. 

While I started this gig with more conventional thought pieces, short essays on single anime titles and thematic studies, I recently expanded into publishing more substantial journalistic content, including live interview transcripts, translations, plus a comprehensive, multi-part, 15 000 word introduction to the film music of Joe Hisaishi and John Powell.

Film & game music: the butter to the toast. You won't find better and comprehensive one-man coverage of this topic in the anime/video game community than right here. It is my most sincere belief, that music written 'in support' of an external agenda is of paramount importance, and that appreciative knowledge of this medium will only allow us to better enjoy good films and games.

Academia & Miscellaneous: Philosophy, media theory, capsule reviews, travel diaries and interviews. My website doesn't feature 'filler' content. Every upload has a purpose, and it is my aim, that ATMA & Funomena becomes a place where you can stumble across ideas you never even pondered before, and be intrigued to learn more. 

Whether it's cyborgs, rituals, future excuses of travelling abroad that is NOT as non-nonsensical as flying to London just for a concert, you can expect fun reads about the most unexpected subjects here.

About me

I’m currently an undercover spy who’s doubling as a full-time university student, studying at Sydney’s UNSW. I intend to complete my double degree in Design and Media (PR & Advertising) without any fuss.
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A Fancy Microphone!
With a somewhat professional grade mic ($150 - $300 range) in my arsenal, I can officially start delving into audio-centric creations, whether it be piano recordings or being able to join in on podcasts with crisp-ass audio of my opinions. (Who wouldn't want to miss that? Anyone? No?)

As a side-effect of this goal, I will also have the funds to delve into more non-fiction academic books and peer-reviewed articles that focuses on anime & manga, geek culture and film & music production. A smarter Nachi means smarter content.
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