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About Nadia Kim

Every person young and old is really just a child wanting to feel safe and loved - Nadia Kim

My mission is to awaken those in survival mode and help them shift to being empowered to create a story that helps them achieve a life filled with joy and fulfillment. 

When I began to have my own understanding of situations that were happening in my life and how to transform those situations so that I no longer felt bad about them, but instead found lessons in the situations in order to help me in my life, I knew that I wanted to share those experiences with the world. There is no better teacher than learning from others mistakes.

I was asked once what my special brand of magic was. As I stared in the mirror at myself and asked that same question, the answer became evident. My special brand of magic is being a mirror of unconditional love and support for those that seek my help and services. It’s special because not many people these days can love a stranger. Not many people these days can listen to a stranger’s story and not be triggered to judge that person. Or think nasty and reactive thoughts about that person.

No. Not every person even in the coaching and healing communities can come from a place of love after battling their own dark hours of people rejecting them even when all they have done is be themselves. Not every person sees that they can’t help others if they aren’t working on their own shit.

But I can, and I do. That’s what makes me special. That’s my special brand of magic. To love and serve and help people from a place of true genuine caring to see that they can have the life they wanted. The can create happiness in any and all areas of their lives. They can be empowered to step out fully to be who they want. That’s what I offer. A mirror to self-love. I am the embodiment of unconditional love. I return love to those who forgot what it felt like to be loved.

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I am so appreciative for all your support in any way you provide it. Thank you
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