Ben & Ashley are creating a Life of Adventure and Possibility

You keep us Afloat

$5 /creation
Seriously, we are so grateful for your support. Your contribution is a huge motivation. We can't emphasize how much this helps both in the pocket book and mentally.

We just started making ...

First Mate

$10 /creation
You just scored yourself the First Mate position on this vessel. You're driving this Catamaran towards the horizon and doing one hell of a good job mate! Thank You!!

Bonus: Send us a...



$25 /creation
You're really getting a hang of these ropes. Impressive Capt'n.

The word Grateful comes to mind but it really doesn't do your contribution justice. Thank You. You are an awesome human bein...


$50 /creation
We have days where we wonder...Is this seriously going to work? This is absolutely absurd to make films of our journey and then see if people will support us. This can't possibly work. Nope. Pipe d...