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is creating Animated Voiced Videos (AVVs) to promote 🎈Indie makers
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Diversity is great, you want more Indie makers and more independent makers to be shown. All that for the price of a big cup of your favorite coffee (or tea). Your full name (or alias, as you wish) is mentioned in the credits of each AVV (forever!) created after you became a supporter. 
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Every video (I prefer to call it a „mini film“) features a unique soundtrack. You get access to a new soundtrack every month.

You'll also be mentioned in the credits of each AVV creating during your time of support.
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With your contribution you can name your favorite Indie maker and I’ll make an animated voiced video (AVV) about him or her. It takes a month for me to create one video so I’ll be sending you a list of the top 25 Indie makers (collected through my community, network and friends) and you pick your favorite. The Indie maker that was picked the most will receive an AVV.

You're also getting the Indie film soundtrack of the latest (monthly) AVV and you'll be mentioned in the credits of each AVV creating during your time of support.




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About Alexander —

Dear you,

my name is Alexander Kluge from Berlin, Germany.

I’m creating animated voiced videos (AVVs) for makers running independent profitable businesses. I’m using the topic of their business and dissect it into its ingredients to create a meaningful story in which the 🎈Indie maker’s product is baked right into it.

It takes approximately a month for me to produce one AVV, and I’m using it to promote the Indie maker, their product, and my voice.

In the end, I’m an actor of voices and I found that creating meaningful (educational) content for you to watch for free combined with empowering Indie makers and promoting my voiceover services is a powerful trifecta.

If you agree that well-produced videos help education, that a variety of unique products can only be made when you allow creative thinking through independent minds and that marketing a service through providing hands-on value is great, we have an understanding because I agree to all three aspects as well.

In order to support the creation of animated voiced videos that explain contemporary topics (like sustainability, the sharing economy, alternative ways of living, remote working, co-working, co-living, the future of work, design, architecture, and so on) and support Indie makers, consider making a donation on Patreon. By helping Indie makers you contribute to diversity, and you have more variety in making a birthday gift to your loved ones and friends ♥️.

I’m not getting paid for making these videos but I want them to exist. It is my long-term plan to create a collection of videos talking about contemporary topics featuring Indie makers (and my voice). Economically, that’s challenging because I’m a solo-maker myself and I invest a lot of time into the individual videos. So I make my living working at my day job and doing commercial voiceover while doing as many AVVs on the side as possible. My dream would be to do content creation for you full time. That is what this patreon is for. By supporting me here you are not only making my lives way less stressful but you actually help me produce more content for you to watch and you contribute to helping other artists featured in the videos.

If you like what I’m doing and consider buying some strangers over the internet the equivalent of a big cup of coffee (or tea), I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you for your support, it really is a huge deal for me and I very much appreciate it. Even a like and share of my videos is a helping hand.

I appreciate you,
Alex :)
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When I reach 500 patrons, I’ll hire an assistant to help me release 1 video per month instead of 1 every two months.
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