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As a thank you for supporting me, you'll receive:

  • At least one new finished color drawing
  • Wallpapers including the usual desktop type, along with new phone and tablet sizes
  • Ability to make themed requests to be voted on in an exclusive poll. For example, if I post a superhero thread, you can request Goku and we'll vote together!

Artist tier!

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You'll recieve the previous level's contents, plus:

  • Layered PSD, so you can see how the drawing is constructed
  • Lineart for you to color. You as welcome to post your version online as well, just leave my signature and credit me

Also I try my best to include other assorted goodies, such as steps and lineart timelapses. Those are in most of the updates but occasionally I do my lineart off iPad, or am an idiot and forget to save the steps  (ू˃︿˂ ू) 



About nakanoart

Hello everyone! (ᵔᴥᵔ)/ My name is NANA, or nakanoart. I love to draw and have been doing so since I was a child. I've always wanted to somehow make a living by doing what I love, but haven't had the perfect opportunity to until now. I've decided to embark on a journey to become self-sufficient and I'll do my best to provide some nice goodies as a thank you.

Patrons will be charged on the 1st of each month and rewards will be sent out on the 5th by DM, to those whose payment has processed. If your payment doesn't clear by then, send me a message when it does and I'll send you the content Feel free to check out my Gumroad for previous rewards.

I hope you like my stuff! Even if you don't pledge, just enjoying my art and dropping me a follow on social media would be wonderful. I'd truly appreciate it.

Follow me on:

Twitter - I am the most active here | Instagram | | DeviantART |
Prints, t-shirts and more:
Redbubble | DesignByHumans

Do you want to commission me for custom art? Send an email to nakanodrawing[at]gmail[dot]com!

Also, if you don't want to subscribe and would rather just drop a single tip, on my Gumroad I also have the 1920x1080 desktop wallpaper versions available as a donation where you can contribute as much as you'd like.
100 - reached! patrons
If we reach 100 Patreons I'll make a tutorial showing how I prepare traditional art for digital coloring!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 107 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 107 exclusive posts

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