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Love casual nudity? Perfect! My video library has hundreds of videos (and growing) all featuring me and my girls getting naked and doing things around the house, or getting risky in public. 

My Snapchat is where I can post a fully nude story about what goes on in my day. For those who are new, my name is Nb, and I am the creator of Naked Bakers. 
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My Snapchat archive is where I save all my past private (full nude) Snapchat stories. I have 1000's of snaps there dating all the way back to early 2017. Definitely a must if you are a fan of my private snap stories and want to go back and watch them. 

Remote collaborations are an experiment that I started during the quarantine. I ask the girls to film videos of themselves in casual settings while naked and then I share them here for you all. The extra funds help support the models. Many of these girls are amateurs who have never produced nude content. 
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I like to make a certain kind of content (casual nudity) however I get requests all the time to try out "experimental" content. These are videos that I wouldn't usually make but because my fans want them, I am down to test it out and see what it's like. If there is something you want me to experiment with, let me know.

When it comes to my high quality photo shoots, I don't do them all the time, but when I do, I enjoy them. I try to take 100's of high resolution photos each month with the different models I shoot with and share those with you here. Got a photoshoot that you want to see? Feel free to send me a request! :D
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About Naked Bakers

*All links in this about section are for 18+*

All of my content is found at:

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Hi, I go by the name of Nb, and I am the creator of Naked Bakers. By pledging to my Patreon you allow me to keep producing and growing the show! All the content I produce is completely crowd funded, and I am only able to keep working on it because of the support I receive from you. :)

Make sure to check out to get an idea of all the content I have in my library. There is over 3 years of content there!

History of the Show 

Naked Bakers originally started in 2017 with the goal of crowdfunding a production company to produce a naked baking show. At the time it was just myself and an iPhone camera. Times were tight too. I had recently been laid off, so I could barely even afford ingredients (go check my first goal). But I stuck with the dream and rode out the unemployment check right to the end. Fortunately, by that time, I was able to develop an amazing community that supported me here Patreon. That allowed me to keep focusing on Naked Bakers full time, covering all my basic bills and meager production costs.

It didn't stop there though. Thanks to all of the support I received, and still get, from my fans on Patreon, I have been able to grow this it into a full blown production company. We produce a lot more than just baking content now, and we employ a team of editors and a whole cast of models.

This isn't the end either. We just recently launched a brand new website as the foundation of my video library, and I have huge plans for that in the future. ;)

I am so fortunate to be able to wake up every day and work on this. It is all I think about 24/7. So hopefully that passion comes through in my work and you become as much of a fan of Naked Bakers as I am.

<3 Nb

UPDATE: Snapchat is constantly deleting any accounts I make. I have since been adding my "snapchat" content to a Dropbox and sharing that link here. :)

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Fund 4 extra videos a month featuring my guest bakers.

When we hit this goal I will be able to fund a total of 4 extra bonus videos a month that all feature my guest bakers. This will be in addition to the recipe episodes that I already film. So this will put us at a total of 4 recipe videos filmed and 4 bonus videos filmed. Fortunately I will have my Jr. Editor on board to help me get all of this content out! 
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