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Three points create a plane. Thank you for triangulating.

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The decagon has ten points, and it is the key to the Gereh tiling, quasicrystals and the icosidodecahedron. You're ready to go deeper...

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If you've only met us online, you probably have a sense of our artwork, our woodworking and our obsession with geometry.  If you met us in person you know our obsession is much wider, covering many crafts, sciences and arts. Over the years we've collected close to 300,000 followers on our various online platforms, probably because we're not the only ones who find all that fascinating! 

It's an honor to have our work and our content be loved so many, from so many different places in the world.  We've been able to share our passion with people of different cultures and different disciplines and we couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity. Having an engaged audience like ours has pushed us to clarify our understanding of our techniques, deepen our appreciation of the natural sciences and center the role that education and collaboration has played for us in being able to learn and create together. 

We've grown significantly, and become able to make work we only dreamed of before.  But it's becoming unwieldy to both make the work you love and adequately share it with you, especially at any depth.  In order to continue to provide the quality art and content we all want to see, the time has come to transmute some of our page's energy into more sustainable, patronage- and community-based models. We think Patreon is a good place for that.  

In Pittsburgh where we live, we do open studios on Mondays.  Curious people of all sorts come through and learn about different topics.  Some want to know only about woodworking, some only about geometry.  Some come for the art, but stay for the unexpected.  With Patreon, we think you can have a lot of the same experiences, all year long.  We're going to bring you into our brains, our (virtual) studio, and our future. This is a long time coming; welcome, friends.   

Oh, and don't worry... you're going to get a ton of awesome stuff, at every tier. We're excited to teach, but we're not done with art. ;)  

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