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~ Hello there! ~

Nice to meet you! You can call me Nala. You might know me as Nala15 from DeviantART or Nala15DA-Artist from YouTube. I own the company Fox and Pearl Press and I make comics, art, and videos. I've been a freelance professional artist since 2009 but I've been drawing and creating art in some form or another for as long as I can remember. Art is my true passion and I want to share that passion with the world! Follow along as I create comics, illustrations, and some videos - all thanks to your help. Yes, you! Thanks to you, I can keep creating art and doing what I love most!

~ My Other Internet Hideaways ~

~ About the Rewards ~

As thanks for your support, every tier on my Patreon has rewards! Every level includes the rewards of the next level, unless otherwise noted. You will be rewarded according to what’s included in your tier, once every month, except where “one-time” rewards are noted. The one-time rewards are exclusive to the tiers (you won't get a free sketch AND a free headshot portrait if you are part of the $25 tier, for example).
For any reward that includes your name as a reward (e.g. saying your name in a video), I can use any variation of your real name and/or internet nickname. If you don’t specify which name you want to use when you sign up, I’ll use the name included in your Patreon information.
The rewards may change as my Patreon grows, but as my patrons, you'll get to vote on what changes happen via Patreon polls.

Thank you so much for your support!

If you're having difficulty with getting your payment for your tier to go through, please ask me. I should be able to help you. :) It's also possible that other Patrons are having the same issue.

Post "poaching" will not be tolerated. Do not re-post any of my work (especially Patreon exclusive content) to your social medias or any other site, to share for free or otherwise. Electronic transfer (or other forms of transfer) is a violation of copyright. Downloading for your own private use is permitted.

$152.57 of $300 per month
When I reach this goal, I will review 5 episodes of The Lion Guard. I have problems with this show on SO. MANY. LEVELS. I dread having to sit through one episode from start to end, let alone 5! (all patrons may vote on which episodes I should review, and suggest ideas for jokes or scenes they want me to pay specific attention to).
  • Also... Yay!!! I don’t need to worry about paying the bills! That means I can do even more art!
  • Production on "Betrothed: Remastered" will begin. Patreon Pride members get first-viewing access at least one week before anyone else.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 121 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 121 exclusive posts

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