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About Nannette Richford

I am a writer. I have spent the past 8 years writing for a variety of online sites with the goal of someday becoming independent so that I can write something of redeeming value. Although I have been successful in supporting myself from my work, there is little time left at the end of the day for other writing projects or my gardening website  Maine Garden Ideas, a site devoted to gardening in Maine and other short-season regions. 
Maine Garden Ideas

I began Maine Garden Ideas after many years of writing gardening articles for clients. These articles have been published on a variety of sites, including SF Gate, Livestrong and Garden Guides. I recently received a “point and shoot” camera which allows me to take my own gardening photos for the site. My goal is to develop my photography skills so I can provide the images for my site and for other articles I write.

Other Writing Projects

I am currently working on a local history book set in rural Maine in the early to mid 1900s, but I often find myself so busy writing for Content Mills that I do not have time to devote to the book.

Why I Need Your Support

  • Your support will allow me to devote more time to Maine Gardens Ideas. It currently contains links to some gardening articles published on  Examiner where I earn a small amount from my  gardening content. However,  Examiner is not convenient for readers, as it is filled with popups and other annoying ads. Your support will help me move my content to my site where I can control the reader experience.
  • Your support will give me time to research, interview local people and write my local history book.
  • Your support will allow me to explore garden photography.
  • Your support will give me time to pursue new writing opportunities and break the reliance on Content Mills and sites that pay according to ad revenue or the number of readers attracted to the content.

No Amount is Too Small!

You can support my work for
as little as $1 a month - of course, you can pledge much more if you'd like to.  You can also cancel at any time (although I hope you won't need to do that).  The beauty of Patreon is that my success doesn't depend on BIG donations. Small donations from a variety of patrons add up quickly, giving me the support I need without breaking anyone's bank.

So How Does Patreon Work Anyway?

I'm so glad you asked! Patreon might sound similar to Kickstarter, but there is one big difference. When you pledge to support a Content Producer on Patreon, you are making a monthly or per item pledge that continues until you cancel your pledge - but don't worry, if you are making a per item pledge, you can set the maximum amount you'll ever pay in a month.

My pledges are all set to monthly. It doesn't matter how many new articles I publish. You will always pay the same amount each month.

Other Ways to Help

Can't donate right now? I understand. You can still help me out without spending a penny.

Thank You For Your Support!
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This goal will allow me to stop publishing gardening content on Examiner and add it directly to Maine Garden Ideas.
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