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❀ Thank you for your kind support! A warm welcome from the bottom of my heart to you ❤ It means a lot to me 🍯

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Hello there! Welcome to my Patreon,
My name is Na and I'm a Vietnamese girl based in Singapore! I create kawaii stationeries, illustrations, and videos. My dream is to turn my job into a travel journaling artist and able to live in Japan someday while being a content creator.  I hope you can join this journey with me! :)

Before going into tiers and reward there are few things you might like to know if you are new:
Patreon is A platform you can support your creators!
Patreon offers you to see all premium content that creators wouldn't share anywhere else.
With your help as a patron, creators can focus on their project, goals and deliver good quality content for you guys monthly!
  • Patron-exclusive posts (with different topics: my recommendations, updates about new stationeries, my artist life, drawings that I wouldn’t share anywhere else...)
  • You can see behind the scenes of all my projects through lenses!
  • Printable stickers and designs for your journaling, crafts, gifts.
  • Access to high-resolution artwork varies from digital to traditional medium.
  • A small package will be mailed out to you, with stickers, notes, postcards design by me! I will pack them with care and love!
  • A small original watercolored art piece will be mailed to you! (Varies on each tier)
  • Sometimes  I will be sending samples of my anime/game-related merchandise or collaboration pieces :)
  • Your very first digital welcome pack!
  • Access to Patreon Exclusive Shop by 10th September!
  • and more! :D

Hiiii! Just a little summary of who I am:
People call me Na, I have been working as a designer for 3 years. I moved to Singapore since 2014, and it's been very tough for me as a foreigner. In the future, I want to support myself and my family with confidence, and here I am, dreaming about self-employment!

I know it only achievable if I work hard, I will give my best  to this community. With Patreon, I can focus on creating more content on a daily basis (Personal project, create stationery, drawings, art books, attend more conventions and etc.) Hopefully my content will bring smile to you!

🗝 My very first goal is to get better gears (like camera, printer, cutting machine..), so I can film more often, record my progress and journaling time for you guys; Also, I can able to include in more freebies in our mailable.
🗝 My second goal is to open an online shop, I can provide you guys with exclusive stationery, and our own stationery merchandises. I decided to open this shop when we reach 50 patrons! AND WE MADE IT!

🏆 To my dear patron, thank you so much! I couldn't do this without you!
- On 28 February: I able to purchase a cutting machine (Silhouette Cameo) for our stickers and postcards! I can save money and time, I no longer needed to order the stickers at the printing shop and travel very far for this service. I am able to make more rewards in snail mails, and prepare for future online shops!
- On 13 June: I able to get a proper scanner (EPSON) for a high-quality drawing, postcard that I create with a traditional medium. And with this, I can able to scan my sketchbook more often without any edits required, because of the high dpi resolution which this scanner can provide!
On 2 July: I able to get a new printer (EPSON), with an ink tank which saves a lot of cost for repurchasing the ink. It has high volume printing. It is also able to print on higher gsm paper. Which perfect for our postcard, glossy stickers, etc. 
- On 1 Aug: I able to add in New Tier: Pancake! and We finally achieved 50 members goals!
- On 19 Aug: I able to order Patreon Washi tape!
- On 10 Sep: I able to open an online shop for our Patreon!

I'm still experimenting with my style and trying to improve myself. My style inspired by Japanese Culture. it varies from cute kawaii to cool themed drawings. These are samples of my personal works:

YESSS! Rewards!
We have 4 tiers currently: Honey Waffle, Apple Pie, Strawberry Cake, Choco Lava (I love desserts, and I miss baking). If you are interested in drawings, stationeries, journaling, maybe it worth a try to become a patron? 

I will have a pinned post for in-depth rewards details!
Rough Idea is: 
1) Waffle: You can vote for the upcoming project, early preview, work-in-progress, lens, work behind the scene, exclusive video, free printable from time to time. Access to Exclusive Patreon Shop on 10th September!
2) Pie: WIP + Poll + Video + Downloadable Printables (stickers, notes, surprises, and postcards) Access to Exclusive Patreon Shop on 10th September!
3) Cake: WIP + Poll + Video + Printables + A Mini snail mail ( with a Sticker sheet, 2 Dye Cut Sticker, Personalized Postcard, and a surprise) will be sent to you! Access to Exclusive Patreon Shop on 10th September! 
4) Chocolate: WIP + Poll + Video + Printables + A Journaling Set snail mail ( with 3 Dye Cut Sticker, 2 Sticker Sheets, Personalized Post Card, Special Journal Kit include 2-3 items, a surprise item) will be sent to you! Access to Exclusive Patreon Shop on 10th September!
5) Pancake: WIP + Poll + Video + Printables + A Special mail ( with 3 Dye Cut Sticker, 2 Sticker Sheet, Post Card, Special Journal Kit, a surprise item, and a special item - like fanart/snacks/Japanese stationery, and my merchandise like washi tape/pins/badges) will be sent to you! Access to Exclusive Patreon Shop on 10th September!

The theme changes every month :) and it will be voted by you! 

Free printables for all the tiers from time to time:

Special Important Notes for everybody <3 :
- You will be charged upon pledge on the tier, and it will renew every 1st date of the month.
- All rewards are for personal use only :') So please do not reproduce them for sale.
- I sent all my mailable packages in 2 batches:
First Batch (pledges beginning of the month) Mail will be sent on the 2nd week of the month.
Second Batch (pledges after the first batch mail date) Mail will be sent on the following month.
!!!!! The mailable will be delayed due to COVID. 
- The price already included shipping via AirMail with no tracking!
I won't be liable for lost mails, I'm sorry.

Thank you so much for your support and time! :')
Happy day to you!

You can find me at Instagram too: @napyonz and use #napyonzpatreon for my Patrons post!
65 of 150 patrons
I can finally order more new merchandises for our shop: like enamel pin, charms!
I also have budget to upgrade to a new camera for vlogging and pay for some editing software. So I can start to vlog more often :) and create more creative/journal/drawing related videos!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 53 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 53 exclusive posts

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