Nara Malone

is creating Interactive, Animated Romance Novels and Games for Adults.

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Serialized Novels -- Two installments each week

Inner Circle
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This is the tier for folks who  are interested in being beta readers and testers. You will have access to all interactive books and games in progress. In return for completing and submitting feedback forms on bugs and issues, you will be given free access to the finished product of any item you test. If I implement a suggestion you make, I will include your name on a thank-you page in the finished project. To keep things manageable this group is limited to 25 members. 
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These are my interactive novels, illustrated with animated graphics. The romances include clear choices that will dictate the reader's path through the story. Subscribers will enjoy free access to 1-2 new episodes a month.




Hi, I'm Nara Malone. I'm write a different kind of story. I take storytelling into the next dimension. Readers are co-protagonists, choosing the path and experiencing sensually, sexy stories through interaction, video, and game elements. In implementing interactive and visual elements, I never sell the story short. I'm an experienced, award-winning author of novels and games. I've been published traditionally and am now turning indie as I move deeper into crafting this new genre of fiction.

If you would like to help explore the future of fiction, I hope you'll join me here. I will share my simple techniques for creating these projects as well as giving Patrons early access to episodes and access to the virtual simulations where I create them. Going forward I hope to offer online workshops to those who want to create their own projects.
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